Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The wake up call!!!

i think each and everyone of us must have got a wake up call once in a lifetime and for those who haven't  got it yet don't you worry its on its way
talking about my wake up call, i got lucky as i got them twice yeah yeah i know, that's me…. 

 when i didn't clear my first ever placement test, 
 a piece of paper on the notice board was enough to shatter all my dreams...
 i was desperately searching for my name, may be i missed it..
 i asked one of my friend to look for my name,
 how can this happen to me, 
no no may be i should cross-check... no wait must be printing mistake  :(

most of my friends got selected & i was more than happy for them but the worst part was to deal with their sympathies, suggestions, in a nutshell their pity..
 deep down i knew they genuinely cared

during the same year, i was shocked to see myself
suddenly I felt as if I'm the  flabbiest person on earth, thanks to my mummy’s excellent culinary skills that had turned me into a FAT gal… I know this word hurts!!! 
i was fat and had to accept it, but i was not at all ready to live with it..
i tried dieting, but failed and realized its not my cup of tea

having nothing to do with fitness, health I was introduced to gym-thing 
i joined aerobics with a plain motive of getting rid of my extra baggage, little did I know that I was already bitten by fitness bug!!!

sweating my pants off for about 1year, finally got desired results,
joy of slipping into cute little black dress, fav pair of jeans in addition to this
 i also got a chance to vent my spleen... huuuu yaaaaaaa!!!!
but  few things had changed in me, i was really the person i know i could always be 
happy,energetic, confident, and above all positive
PS: finally got placed taaa daaaaaa

i felt some protective shield around me as they show in those mosquito repellent commercials,
Life through this shield seemed lush green, energetic, glowing & positive despite the prevailing pessimism, scorching sun, and fierce winds all around

With each passing day my love for fitness is increasing, i regret the day when I don’t do it coz of some silly excuse,
 so the bottom line is-

keep burning people!!!!


  1. nice post
    its great that you continued gym and got what you desired
    yes everyone has to face the wake up call

  2. wake up call!! when'll b the wake up call for me to gain some weight!!! uff I'm so skinny..n i hate it..:D

  3. ohhh wow,but there are certain exercises/yoga routine which might help you gain some weight :)