Monday, April 15, 2013

In the Midst Of....

Have you ever been in the midst of something, somewhere
Experienced the bafflement, the anxiety
As if the you are the core of an Universe
You cant hold on to anything, anyone
You cant lean on anything, anyone
Nothing else exists, But you

Have you ever been in the midst of a pitch black alley
Experienced the fear, the uncertainty
As if you are alone
You cant look behind
You don't know what's ahead
No one is nearby, But You

Have you ever been in the midst of a Journey
Experienced the endless, extended roads
As if it would never end
You cant stop in between
You just have to Go-On
No one persists, But You...

Have you ever been in the midst of a Nightmare
Experienced the trauma, the pain
As if there is no tomorrow
You cant wake up
You cant stop yourself from watching it
No one can discern it, But You...

Have you ever been in the midst of something, somewhere....


  1. One of the worst works of you I've ever come across.
    The feeling of being there in the midst of it is beautifully conveyed.
    I bet you don't take writing as seriously as you should.
    Take care.

  2. Hi!

    Beautiful descriptions! The best part of anything one writes is how true it is, and honest. :) I liked this!

    Also, you didn't take up blogging just to write seriously, did you? ;) It's a reflection of your feelings and thoughts, however you choose to write them. Keep writing! Just like you want :)

  3. Right now I'm in the midst of something, somewhere. I'm living the moments you described .. I could connect.
    Take care, Mana.

  4. i fear of being alone in the midst of ssomething .. dont know why but i actually cant even imagin such things,,..:)
    keep writing...wonderfully written..:)

  5. @Purple: I'm so sorry to disappoint you, i hope to make it up in my next post, thanks :)
    @Ashna: Hi..You are absolutely correct, thanks :)
    @Tanya: Thanks Dear

  6. @mani: i too have that fear, glad you liked it, thanks :)

  7. i think i have but in my imagination....
    well, maybe we shouldnt invite trouble :P :D

  8. This is some deep stuff. Beautiful and mind-opening. I have been in all of these places :)

  9. very deep and beautiful....n u should write for urself for expressing ur feeling, the way u want not the way others want...keep writing dear...!! :):)

  10. happens so many times....and all that is needed in such times is to hang on just a little and not give up...

  11. @Deeps: ohh yes we should stay away from all such stuff :D
    @Aliasgarmukhtiar: Thank You :)
    @Kieth: Thank you :)
    @Pink: That is so sweet of you dear, thanks
    @The little princess: Yes, very true.. thanks :)

  12. lovely poem and awesome pic!

  13. I hope you will keep on submitting new articles or blog posts & thank you for sharing your great experience with us.