Wednesday, March 6, 2013


What are DREAMS, pleasing Dreams, scary Dreams, desirous Dreams, Dreams about Dreams..
Why do we dream?? should we Dream??
Hovered by lots of dreams and unresolved questions about dreams she would start her day,
purpose of dreaming was never clear to her, basically she loved Dreaming
It was her way to escape from never ending hustle-bustle, pervading rut around her
this may sound bit weird, but she preferred Day Dreaming, with her eyes wide open, she would be lost in a wonder world for hours and hours, no no she was not insane, she was like any other girl,
'Dreaming is utter waste of time', 'Dreamers are Non-Achievers', 'Dreaming is being hypothetical'
she would superficially listen to all these theories, in her mind she alway believed that
Dreams come true.

She had this small desire, call it a dream since childhood, she did nothing special to acquire it, though she believed it wholeheartedly, surviving numerous turmoil, fatalities that life threw at her she had only one thing to clinch on, her Dreams
After a while, she realized- Dreams do come True
Only difference between Dreamers and Achievers is BELIEF!!!!
So has she stopped Dreaming now????
This is just a beginning

   DREAM ON......


  1. Well, I'm a day dreamer, may be because I can control it, I guess. :)

    Anyways, this post - Nicely written. :)

    This is just the Beginning .
    (This ones for my self-realization/or something like that to keep dreaming until they become true). :D

  2. looks like that one's me!! im a dreamer....fall into the dreaming-with-eyes-wide-open category!! and i can vouch for the fact dreams come true to those who believe....!

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  5. What a beautiful post - and one that speaks to the dreamer within me. Without dreams, life would be a lot less beautiful wouldn't it?

  6. @Ajay: Thank You
    @the little Princess: there is something special about day dreaming, right
    @Tanya: thanks for the award dear, i'm overwhelmed
    @optimistic Existentialist: Yess, life would be very uninteresting
    @aliasgar mukhtiar: Thank you :)

  7. I guess creativity is born because we dream!
    Lovely post :)

  8. I think when people stop to dream, that's when life becomes a drag. That's when we grow "old". I believe that once we get our dream, we shouldn't stop there. We should just get another dream. Its should be a never ending cycle :)

  9. dreaming isn't useless. it's the first step in realizing our true purpose in life. keep dreaming! but always remember that you still have to do something to make it happen. :)

  10. Well i too love day dreaming...:)
    it makes me hapy. It makes me feel gud about things, it gives me a power to walk ahead..:)
    coz i believe dreams helps us to do better in life..
    Keep dreaming...:)

  11. wooowwww...i just love all ur writing..!!

  12. @Anisha: Thank you :)
    @Chilipina: yes, i feel that too :)
    @Honey: totally, you need to work hard to make it happen :)
    @mani: yess
    @Pink: thanksssss dear :)

  13. dream on... thats what i m doing now.. coz for me reality is a bit tension-filled now :)

  14. dreaming will def help...
    hope things get better soon...

  15. what an awesome post Mana--sorry been MIA!
    Is this ---> your blog ?

  16. Hey thanks Z!!!
    yup its my BLOG :)

  17. Pretty post. Yeah I think writing can be pretty, prose or poetry. You proved it with combing your writing with pictures. Thanks

  18. Someone rightly said ' If your dreams don't scare you, they aren't big enough'. It seems apt.

    ✗ℴ ♡

    +To Me It Matters+