Friday, December 28, 2012


For some average is the state of mind
For some it is the way of life
For me it is a shackle
Shackle hard enough to break-free from

Excellence is a mirage
Is what i've always thought
Success above certain level is unattainable
Is what i’ve always believed
Average is the life I have always lived

Dependency leads to delusion
Comfort makes you indolent
Settling down for good over great
is nowhere close to an achievement
I have knowingly ignored all these facts
Average is the life I have always lived

With an impending New Year
My Resolution is... 
To put an end to my Doubtfulness...
To put an end to an Average Life....
To break the shackles of Mediocrity...

Wishing All my dear Friends A Very Happy and Bright 2013!!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I_Me_Marraige- Not Afraid to Love....

Jan 2011
Still confused…          
My mind's very own territory -Confused-State-Of–Mind
Year 2011 has begun but in an unusual manner....
Suddenly, butterflies in stomach, being alone, listening to old romantic songs
Gazing at sky, long talks on phone, red roses, cute gifts, holding hands and every possible cheesy thing has started making sense to me....
But i’m still waiting for an affirmation from my mind and we decided to wait, to wait for one long year in order to test ourselves, test our love for each other…

Its been 6months now, Milind is not here but
I can still feel his presence….
I still wait for his call every morning…
I still have goose-bumps when his voice falls in my ears,
I still remember that evening how tears rolled down my cheeks when he was leaving….
I cant wait to see him again….
Sometimes a moment in your life makes you take life-time decisions, 
I now knew that this is my crucial moment that I'm not afraid to LOVE anymore.....


Dec 2012

If life is a journey then I would say I’ve just embarked on mine,
days-months and a Year
Year of Togetherness,
Year of Happiness,
A Year full of Surprises,
A Year of Knowing and Understanding each other
A Year of few Arguments
A Year of few Alterations
I wish to spent such countless years with You…

Happy Anniversary to US!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I_Me_Marriage -Still afraid to LOVE

Nov 2010-8 A.M

I am already late for office…i have to deliver a report today…i don’t know what Preeti(my manager) is going to say…
Suddenly my phone rings and as always i cannot find it..
Ohhh god what if its Preeti??? its not mummy for sure, she never calls me this time…
Ohhh here it is.. what?? not again… Mr America calling
I am on talking terms with this guy, he sure doesn’t sound like a Typical-Indian-Boy-Searching-For-Bride, He is much cooler...
funny thing is i haven’t even seen his picture yet…

Me:   Hello
Him: Hey hi, how are you
Me:   Ohhh I’m good
Him: I know you must be getting ready for office and I’m disturbing you but
         I’ve figured out an amazing fact about us
Me:  What fact??
Him: You know what, We share our birthdays, the moment i came to know i couldn't stop myself  from 
          calling you
Me:   Really????? What a Coincidence

Same day 12 PM
 Is it for real??? This is strange, Is this some kinda Signal???
'Dil to pagal hai'- kinda signal
(now you know where do all this Bollywoodish thoughts come from.. duhhhh)

Dec 2010
I cant believe i’m sitting right in front of him, having 'so-called' dinner
There have been various awkward moments in my life but this one tops the list :D
I have so many question in my mind, should i ask him or should i wait for the food…arghhhhh..
Giving unfamiliar smiles is so stupid sometimes....
I better speak…
After a long session of a dumb-relevant-some-irrelevant questions
For the first time in my i was getting an answer
No matter how dumb or irrelevant my question was, i had an answer…

Part of me is still hesitant, what if this is an infatuation????

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I_ME_Marraige - Afraid to LOVE...

flash-back - August 2010

Hmmmm what a hectic day…but deep down i’m satisfied after all, this is what i’ve been yearning for-  
my identity, my independence, my work..
i know its going to be tough for a girl like me, i might feel homesick, i have never been away from mummy and purva(sister) my entire life..still somewhere i am excited and looking forward to my new life in city of my dreams MUMBAI...
Some strange sound woke me up, it took me a while to realize that i’m not in my old room,  that its 7-30 am and i got to rush, this has happened several times with me i often talk to my self and while doing so unknowingly fall asleep
Well its going to be a big day today, my first ever meeting yuhuuuu..
       Days are passing by swiftly, i have been to my home town few days ago and i’ve already started missing home..
Home visits are directly proportional to a word called MARRIAGE, but this time it  was different more serious than ever
It feels like some new chapter has begun in my life, Chapter Of Marriage, i knew this would be coming but not so early....
I’m not sure not that i’ve never thought about it, but still this is not the right time i don’t want my career and marriage to collide
Like every other normal girl i've always had this rough idea of what kind of guy i would like to be with, but unlike every other normal girl my idea would change every week or day to say so, i might sound weird but from school to college to work i've met so many people some have impressed me, some were friendly, while some were desirous...
How on earth can one figure out given so many options.....
Unending Infatuations and Countless Crush!!!!!
Even if my 'Would-Be' crosses paths with me how am i going to know that he is the one
with thousands of questions on my mind i closed my eyes, in an anticipation of better tomorrow

Thursday, December 13, 2012

my HEART & MIND!!!!

I have known them since ages
I have shared my times with them
They are part of me
Still so obscure
Still so strange
My Heart & Mind are hard to comprehend

I am no stranger to them
but every-time i converse with them
they seem so atypical and mysterious
My Heat & Mind always surprise me

Every-time i try to find  answers
they both have their own suggestions
Suggestions which are exactly opposite
Solutions which are equally viable
To settle with one of them seems like an unending procedure
My Heart & Mind always leave me pondering

I have been listening so much about decision making
I have always been taught to be logical
I have always been suggested to be practical
I find it very difficult to be so
Although i'm not proposing to be unrealistic either
I dont know how to get there
I have never know....
Over the years i have realized
there are very few moments when heart and mind go along
never let go those moments
for my Heart & Mind seldom concurs!!!!