Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Love You Sister!!!!!

I was lonely, I was friendless
Till you came into my life
You were like a beam of light, fresh breeze of air
You were someone I could easily maneuver

I was unimportant, I was inconsiderable
Till you came into my life
You paid heed to my words
You were my chief supporter
You followed me all over

We argued, we quarreled
It was then I realized,
We were so unlike each other, yet hard to separate
We were so stubborn at times, but would yield to each other

We chuckled, we giggled
We shared, borrowed
Of all those days we were together
I never realized how precious our bond is
Miles apart from you
I only wish to relive every single day with You...

Friday, February 22, 2013

Love is Friendship???

I have grown-up watching movies like My Best Friend's Wedding, When Harry Met Sally, Maine Pyaar Kiya, kuch Kuch hota hai -where best friends, who have known each other for years fall in love.

No matter how much i love watching Julia Roberts fighting for her love or Monica & Chandler getting married with each other, i can never imagine this happening or at least not with me
I never knew what is Love, but i was sure that Love is not Friendship, that Love and Friendship are two different things up until i met M, i wont say that he is my best friend but yes i share almost everything with him, Does that mean Love is Friendship???
Of all the existing relations Friendship is the only relation created by us with someone like us or  someone unlike us, there is no logic, no methodology to befriend somebody, it just happens and we rarely remember the initial conversations,
Love on the other hand makes us wise and adaptable,
the only relation where one is always ready to yield, where following is more valuable than leading
where one does not undergo sufferings all alone.....
I can never resolve whether Love is Friendship, but one thing is inevitable,
Love has a trace of Friendship and Friendship has a shade of Love

Thursday, February 14, 2013

I found YOU & YOU found ME

Far apart from each other
I never thought i would cross lanes with you
as they always said true love is hard to find.
I had wrapped all my fantasies to come face to face with the reality
until one fine day, When I found you and YOU found ME

I had several reasons not to love anybody
But, i had only one reason to love you
I knew this when we first met,
When I found you and YOU found ME

My knowledge is not profound enough to define LOVE
All i can say is-
Love is when
I am with YOU and YOU are with ME

Happy Valentines DAy!!!!!!!

Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sh*t HAppens!!!!

Excuse me for the language ppl but can i just get it out,
Life is one bumpy ride, it comes with all sorts of uninvited twists and turns
Ask me about it- yaaahannn
well i know i'm not the only one, every one has their own customized way to bi**ch about life
and this is my way *cruel smile*
For past 3months i was longing for this day 7th feb 2013,
sitting at home, i almost cut myself from the world,  our living room is turned into my study room, with papers and books lying around, poor M does not come home for lunch anymore for my convenience, Our dinner includes two kinds of delicacies  EGGS and MAGGIE
I was all set to write a happy-happy post bragging little bit about my achievement and stuff like that *ahem ahem* and here i am boring you all with my not-so-happy-post :(
I have not been to GYM, now this is worse, i try to hide myself by 3-4 layers of clothing thanks to winters-i still look normal
My disheveled appearance is killing me, Nevertheless i am happy, this is going to end soon and i will be back to my normal clean and healthy life with lots of yummy food but NOOO.....
Good things never come easy, if they come easy they are not good enough
something similar happened with me, my most awaited moment just went by because of some technical error *BOOM*
stunned, annoyed, sad i didn't know how to react
By the end of the day i was tired of screaming and whining and had to face the reality- This will go-on for few more days.
But whats life without a little DRAMA right!!!!!