Friday, April 26, 2013

Its all in the MIND!!!!!!

It is weird how this 3 pound mind controls rest of our body,
so is MIND the most important organ of our body???
when I was a kid i used to come up with this question every now and then,
what is the most-important-organ of our body, after hours of introspection i would conclude that may be Eyes are the most important organ of our body, the funny part is that this conclusion would change every week, Even today i ask this question to myself but over the years i have figured out that,
MIND may not be the most important body part but it is indeed most Powerful part of our body,
Isn't it intriguing when we crave for an ice-cream in the middle of night,
when we just have to watch a particular movie even if we have watched it so many times in the past,  when we feel like going on long drives,
when for no reason we want to call our loved ones who are far away from us,
Our body is just reacting to whatever is going on up-there
I probably realize this every Monday, when my mind resists going to gym and in that process comes up with most innovative excuses, But today I was amazed by the power of my Mind,
Where I usually exercise for 40-45 minutes, I kept on doing it for more than one hour only because my mind was engrossed in the newly installed instruments at the gym,
today my body was not fatigued, it was not waiting for the machine to show 'END OF WORKOUT'
this is such a trivial instance, but if understood and used wisely power of Mind is stupendous...
Dont you think so, have you ever experienced anything like this???


  1. definitely!! mind is the strongest...haven't we all heard of people who have had the ghastliest of mishaps but have risen from it due to the sheer power of their minds! brain power surely rules over brawn power..!

  2. I completely agree. Our mind is our self, it is the I.

  3. mind can make you 'do' almost anything when you want. That's why they say we need to be 'determined' (for a morning jog, etc). And--as you know determination lies in our very own 3 pounds head!
    good post!

  4. now is that some kind of revolution? no i got to agree with you here...
    they say, love your work and you wont have to work :P

  5. True have gone thru that feel

  6. I have a different view.. a organ less thing of our body controls our life. we call it heart desire.

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