Friday, December 28, 2012


For some average is the state of mind
For some it is the way of life
For me it is a shackle
Shackle hard enough to break-free from

Excellence is a mirage
Is what i've always thought
Success above certain level is unattainable
Is what i’ve always believed
Average is the life I have always lived

Dependency leads to delusion
Comfort makes you indolent
Settling down for good over great
is nowhere close to an achievement
I have knowingly ignored all these facts
Average is the life I have always lived

With an impending New Year
My Resolution is... 
To put an end to my Doubtfulness...
To put an end to an Average Life....
To break the shackles of Mediocrity...

Wishing All my dear Friends A Very Happy and Bright 2013!!!!!

Sunday, December 23, 2012

I_Me_Marraige- Not Afraid to Love....

Jan 2011
Still confused…          
My mind's very own territory -Confused-State-Of–Mind
Year 2011 has begun but in an unusual manner....
Suddenly, butterflies in stomach, being alone, listening to old romantic songs
Gazing at sky, long talks on phone, red roses, cute gifts, holding hands and every possible cheesy thing has started making sense to me....
But i’m still waiting for an affirmation from my mind and we decided to wait, to wait for one long year in order to test ourselves, test our love for each other…

Its been 6months now, Milind is not here but
I can still feel his presence….
I still wait for his call every morning…
I still have goose-bumps when his voice falls in my ears,
I still remember that evening how tears rolled down my cheeks when he was leaving….
I cant wait to see him again….
Sometimes a moment in your life makes you take life-time decisions, 
I now knew that this is my crucial moment that I'm not afraid to LOVE anymore.....


Dec 2012

If life is a journey then I would say I’ve just embarked on mine,
days-months and a Year
Year of Togetherness,
Year of Happiness,
A Year full of Surprises,
A Year of Knowing and Understanding each other
A Year of few Arguments
A Year of few Alterations
I wish to spent such countless years with You…

Happy Anniversary to US!!!!!!

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I_Me_Marriage -Still afraid to LOVE

Nov 2010-8 A.M

I am already late for office…i have to deliver a report today…i don’t know what Preeti(my manager) is going to say…
Suddenly my phone rings and as always i cannot find it..
Ohhh god what if its Preeti??? its not mummy for sure, she never calls me this time…
Ohhh here it is.. what?? not again… Mr America calling
I am on talking terms with this guy, he sure doesn’t sound like a Typical-Indian-Boy-Searching-For-Bride, He is much cooler...
funny thing is i haven’t even seen his picture yet…

Me:   Hello
Him: Hey hi, how are you
Me:   Ohhh I’m good
Him: I know you must be getting ready for office and I’m disturbing you but
         I’ve figured out an amazing fact about us
Me:  What fact??
Him: You know what, We share our birthdays, the moment i came to know i couldn't stop myself  from 
          calling you
Me:   Really????? What a Coincidence

Same day 12 PM
 Is it for real??? This is strange, Is this some kinda Signal???
'Dil to pagal hai'- kinda signal
(now you know where do all this Bollywoodish thoughts come from.. duhhhh)

Dec 2010
I cant believe i’m sitting right in front of him, having 'so-called' dinner
There have been various awkward moments in my life but this one tops the list :D
I have so many question in my mind, should i ask him or should i wait for the food…arghhhhh..
Giving unfamiliar smiles is so stupid sometimes....
I better speak…
After a long session of a dumb-relevant-some-irrelevant questions
For the first time in my i was getting an answer
No matter how dumb or irrelevant my question was, i had an answer…

Part of me is still hesitant, what if this is an infatuation????

Sunday, December 16, 2012

I_ME_Marraige - Afraid to LOVE...

flash-back - August 2010

Hmmmm what a hectic day…but deep down i’m satisfied after all, this is what i’ve been yearning for-  
my identity, my independence, my work..
i know its going to be tough for a girl like me, i might feel homesick, i have never been away from mummy and purva(sister) my entire life..still somewhere i am excited and looking forward to my new life in city of my dreams MUMBAI...
Some strange sound woke me up, it took me a while to realize that i’m not in my old room,  that its 7-30 am and i got to rush, this has happened several times with me i often talk to my self and while doing so unknowingly fall asleep
Well its going to be a big day today, my first ever meeting yuhuuuu..
       Days are passing by swiftly, i have been to my home town few days ago and i’ve already started missing home..
Home visits are directly proportional to a word called MARRIAGE, but this time it  was different more serious than ever
It feels like some new chapter has begun in my life, Chapter Of Marriage, i knew this would be coming but not so early....
I’m not sure not that i’ve never thought about it, but still this is not the right time i don’t want my career and marriage to collide
Like every other normal girl i've always had this rough idea of what kind of guy i would like to be with, but unlike every other normal girl my idea would change every week or day to say so, i might sound weird but from school to college to work i've met so many people some have impressed me, some were friendly, while some were desirous...
How on earth can one figure out given so many options.....
Unending Infatuations and Countless Crush!!!!!
Even if my 'Would-Be' crosses paths with me how am i going to know that he is the one
with thousands of questions on my mind i closed my eyes, in an anticipation of better tomorrow

Thursday, December 13, 2012

my HEART & MIND!!!!

I have known them since ages
I have shared my times with them
They are part of me
Still so obscure
Still so strange
My Heart & Mind are hard to comprehend

I am no stranger to them
but every-time i converse with them
they seem so atypical and mysterious
My Heat & Mind always surprise me

Every-time i try to find  answers
they both have their own suggestions
Suggestions which are exactly opposite
Solutions which are equally viable
To settle with one of them seems like an unending procedure
My Heart & Mind always leave me pondering

I have been listening so much about decision making
I have always been taught to be logical
I have always been suggested to be practical
I find it very difficult to be so
Although i'm not proposing to be unrealistic either
I dont know how to get there
I have never know....
Over the years i have realized
there are very few moments when heart and mind go along
never let go those moments
for my Heart & Mind seldom concurs!!!!

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

back to ROUTINE!!!!!

Hummmmm, the after effects of a vacation are somewhat similar to hangover, in a good sense though.
My fingers moving slowly over the keyboard is one of its sign, they need to be stretched
What else do you except after a long relaxing vacation,
Even a thought of long weekend excites me,
Spending time with M, meeting friends, traveling, road trips, shopping, wine, waking up late, no workouts, eating unhealthy food... SIGH SIGH
basically doing everything that you are not supposed to do, or may be you don’t get to do on everyday basis
What amazes me is the way i get excited about the vacation, and how i start planning things way before, and when on vacation how one day seems to be shorter as compared to a regular day
On the other hand, returning back to home is so painful,
Last day of the vacation mind is bloated with all kinds of worries,
Packing the bags, catching flight, thinking about piled up work, getting emails and meeting notification from office…  its dreadful

On my way back home, i was scrolling through the pictures and each one has its own story
suddenly a smile spread across my face
one thing is definite, Although this vacation is over but the memories will always stay with me

I am rejuvenated... 
I am motivated to work harder... 
I am back to my routine life...  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Diwali 2012- Realization

There are so many things i've realized this Diwali,
but first of all let me wish all of you a very very happy Diwali, 
I know i'm bit late, i was pondering over my realization as usual:P

Anyways i know everyone must be having loads and loads of fun and gaining pounds and inches by gorging on all the mouth watering sweets, i know i know :P
there is no need to feel guilty about it , we will work it out later but for now let us all enjoy yummy sweets prepared by our mummy dearest, 
while saying so, i'm conscious of the fact  that this is my first Diwali away from my mother my family, my country India
This feeling is terrible, specially for someone like me who is fond of this festival 
not only because i get to eat sweets without feeling guilty *ahem ahem*  i mean that is one of the strong reasons but also because of i get to decorate house(where else can i show my creativity), lighting diyas in every corner of the house, and off-course the Pooja(Prayers)
This time it was my turn to do it all alone, i don't know if i did a fair job or not but one thing is sure  it was nowhere close to  my mother's
but it made me realize that, its tough, i was literally exhausted just by preparing some gulab jamun(Indian sweet) and  namkeen and it left me thinking about all the past Diwalis when my mother prepared so many delicacies all by herself,
she would clean the house, pamper me and my sister, cook dinner yet  look so beautiful and vibrant....
I can never forget those Diwali Vacations when both of us used to have time of our lives- waking up late, then eating ladoos, wearing new clothes and lighting crackers huhhhhhh best days... 
All those days it never occurred to me that Diwali must have been so enervating for my mother, not that we never helped her but still, i can very well understand it now 

So i just want to Thank you Mummy for making this festival joyous for us...
kudos to all the Mothers/Ladies/Aunties who are working relentlessly for making Diwali special for their Children/Husbands/Relatives/Friends

and finally this is how me and M celebrated our very first Diwali....yeyeeee!!!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

i have decided not to CRY...

No more digging face into cushion
No more curling and hiding inside the blanket
No more sulking behind the closed doors
As i have decided not to CRY.....

I have understood
Whatever happens, happens for a reason
I don't want no sympathy
I can differentiate between purity and artificiality
As i have decided not to CRY.....

This world ain't for weakling
This world aint for ordinary
You can either Lead or Follow
I have made my choice today
As i have decided not to CRY

This is the time to take charge
This is the time to chase the stars
This is the time to win over fears
As i know,
This is no time to CRY...
This is no time to CRY....

Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Lost in the array of thoughts
I often find myself alone amongst myriad of people
Even though I trust them more than i trust myself
I have always followed their norms and walked the paths paved by them
Only to realize this was not what i want
Now i find myself in the middle of nowhere,

Lost in the array of thoughts
Every time i stand in front of  mirror
My reflection scoffs at me
It challenges me, to be me
I am tired of sneaking from my own reflection
I am done being hesitant

For once I want to break this wall of unattainable
For once I want to experience the ultimate triumph
For once I want to exhibit my existence to them
For once I want to stare in the eye of my reflection
I don't want to be lost in the array of thoughts anymore
For I am done being undetermined

Friday, October 26, 2012

lets have some fun!!!

I found this very interesting game invented by Coveted Dreams called Word-O-Logy Wednesday
 a word association game, where in you associate a particular word with first phrase/word that comes to your mind... i know... awesome right!!!

India:My Country
Maths: Sucks
Wedding:Rollar Coaster
Road Trip:Fascinating
Black: Beautiful

Happy Weekend Everyone :)

Thursday, October 25, 2012

BazZZzinGa Moment!!!!!

My first award!!!!!!!

Dum Daaaa Diiii Daaaa…

I almost feel like some celebrity chased by paparazzi…aaahhhhh
Or I feel like playing for the 'Koffee Hamper' on koffee with Karan  ahem ahem!!!!!
Before I'm lost in my dream world,
Let me  thank Ani from  Absolutely Not Sure ! who nominated mindBLOWING for this award, 

1. What makes you blog?
I scribble a lot.. last pages of my notebooks are always filled with some random words, my name, songs, poems etc,
Now that I have all the time in the world for myself, blogging has become most ideal thing to do

2. Which part of your life inspires you the most?
    My Mother..she is and always be an integral part of my life.

3. Who is your fav author
     Dan Brown, Paulo Coehlo, Stephen Covey, Ashwin Sanghi, and the list goes on...

4 Which day is most memorable for you?
   Ahhh there are so many, but a day spent exactly according to me is memorable for me.

5.Which song best describes you?
   I guess i have a song for every phase of my life, but yes i often listen to the title song form movie     Rangeela and can totally relate to it.

6. If given which would be your last wish
   To be recognized (in a good way) by people other than my family and relatives.

7. What makes you feel blessed?
    My family.

8. Beaches or Mountains?
    I love both but as we have been to beach recently i would say mountains,
    M i hope you are reading this one :P

9. Your fav item in closet?
    Right now, its my new Black Blazer.
10. Your Most desired b'day gift?
      A looong vacation with my family.

11.How much you loved this award?
     I'm so much in love with my award... ohhh its been 3days now and i'm like
     i got an award yessss i got an award yuhuuuuuu,
     ahem ahem well, i better stop now  :P :P

 11 random facts about me... 
1. I’m momma’s girl.. 
2. I like to dream, irrespective of day or night,
3.  A movie freak, I just cant afford to miss any trailer though, would rather miss a movie, duhhhh
4.  I like reading/watching Indian Mythology, Mahabharata being my all time fav epic
5. I like to engage myself in any kind of craft work
6.  A TV addict, i can watch anything and everything on TV all day long,
   ( mostly advertisements chat shows, interviews, behind the scenes, making of a song/movie etc)
7. I hate Maths
8. I love to workout, I love my gym,
9. An introvert, and a confused soul
10. Ardent Shah-Rukh-Khan fan 
11. A morning person, I start off like a robot, and by the end of the day i act like 90 year oldduhhh!!!

As per rules i have to nominate (new) blogs/bloggers for the same award who in turn have to answer the same questions 

My Nominations are :) :)

Congratulations Guys!!!!!

Monday, October 22, 2012

critical ACCLAIM!!!

I’ve been so lazy lately and  one thing i hate about being lazy is that it makes me skip my workout, it feels good for a while(30 mins or so) but then i start feeling guilty and end up cursing myself

Nevertheless, i’ve finally managed to overcome this by joining a GYM 
(as i had mentioned in one of my post few days back that we have a huge gym right across the road)
 I’m going through all these tests, metabolic rate, heart rate, calorie count and what not..some are familiar but some stuff sounds foreign to me, i’m super excited as far as it concerns me,  i know right  :P and if everything works out according to the ‘plan’or rather i follow the plan i’ll get to see the lean new me..hummmm
 how and when i got addicted to  things like fitness, workout..humm that's a different story or post altogether :D
Anyways, who says only celebrities/stars have to deal with the critics
I think everyone of us has critics in one or the other form surrounding us
When was the last time you were criticized by your friend, relative or irritating neighboring aunties
I don’t know about others but i was, time and again i was criticized for what i wore, for being chubby and for numerous other things, 
Now when i look back at life i thank each and every person who bestowed me with all those unasked opinions and judgement.
People you showed me the way to a better, fitter me,
I think I’m my biggest critic now, and as far as critical acclaim is concerned
I still have a long way to go…

keep burning!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Road Trip 1

Though this was not our first road trip, for some strange reason i wrote 1 up there
road trips are always fun, and this was my 3rd (US) road trip and i have lost the count if i consider (Indian) road trips
Also I have read & heard so much about fall foliage over the years, finally got to experience and capture fall closely.
Trees covered with the shades of bright yellow and vibrant red, resembling some sort of painting
I was completely mesmerized by the fall colors...

We started off early in the morning, foggy breezy morning, morning longing for a cup of coffee…
with the melody of an ipod and prominent voice of GPS we commenced our journey
Roads… aren’t they mystical.. changing demeanor every now and then,
In morning they seem to be calm, fresh, peaceful,
evening they seem to be flirting around while night makes them bit scary...
God knows how long it might have taken to pave all these roads,
if only the road could speak i would know
how it feels to be paved for infinite years..
how it feels to witness myriad of vehicles..
how it feels to be rigid, firm and continual..
how it feels to bridge the gap

There are numerous people on road, with numerous purpose…
some relaxed, some rushing
some happy, some gloomy
The road knows it all...
If only the road could speak I would ask
How it feels to know it all...

Like every Road Trip, this one too left me pondering
this is why i love road trips, you can take time off and think about so many random things
regardless of getting answer to every question on your mind...

Monday, October 8, 2012

vision BEYOND!!!!

 Even though I chat daily with my mom through skype-my lifesaver, we find very little time for our story session, she still somehow manages to tell me one or two every single month
Her narration has such an impact on me that everytime i listen to her, i am all pumped up
She can get you out of that couch in minutes, believe me…

Literacy and Education are two different things I believe
It is not at all necessary for a person to be literate, to be able to survive in this world, 
for, how big a school or university might be
The real lessons of survival are demonstrated in the outer world

Why does a local vegetable vendor knows more about selling than that of some sales/marketing grad from a reputed institution (mostly)
maybe former will not be able to make as much money as the later
That’s where Literacy comes in picture, awareness and methodology
But, isn’t it unfair on the part of vendor, that he is deprived of better living just because he is illiterate or does not posses a piece of paper called- degree certificate

More than anyone a Man thought about this years ago
Sanjit Bunker Roy, is an Indian social activist and educator
He earned his master's degree in English. He became an Indian national Champion in Squash for three years, also representing India internationally in the sport. He then decided to devote himself to social service, to the shock of his parents. 
Bunker Roy, Born to a wealthy Indian family, received what he describes as a "very snobby, elitist, expensive education," which he believes imparts arrogance without providing the kind of practical knowledge needed in poor villages.
In 1972 he founded the Barefoot college in Tilonia, Rajasthan, India. It is a SOLAR-POWERED school that teaches illiterate men & women from impoverished Indian villages to become doctors, architects, solar engineers etc, there are now 20 such colleges in 13 sates of India
The college has adopted Gandhian  (Mahatma Gandhi's) ideas into its lifestyle and work ethics, holding its true and relevant universally even in 21st century

Barefoot Approach:

  • Where the teacher is the learner and learner a teacher;
  • Where everyone is expected to keep an open mind, try new and crazy ideas, make mistakes and try again
  • Where even those who have no degrees are welcome to work and learn
  • Where no certificates, degree or diplomas are given

Barefoot Methodology:

  • Solar Energy: Placing the fabrication, installation, usage, repair and maintenance of solar lighting units in the hands of rural, illiterate and semi literate men and women

  • Rain Water Harvesting: Construction of underground water tanks and small tanks, which helps to preserve ground water by creating alternative sources of water.

There are several such barefoot methodologies.....
I was stunned to see their website, the amount and quality of work done by so called rural illiterate people is  exceptional.

If this is what one man's idea of giving back to the society has shaped into, then such an idea is worth spreading and definitely worth an execution...

I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do.

Edward Everett Hale 

courtesy: wikipedia &