Wednesday, November 28, 2012

back to ROUTINE!!!!!

Hummmmm, the after effects of a vacation are somewhat similar to hangover, in a good sense though.
My fingers moving slowly over the keyboard is one of its sign, they need to be stretched
What else do you except after a long relaxing vacation,
Even a thought of long weekend excites me,
Spending time with M, meeting friends, traveling, road trips, shopping, wine, waking up late, no workouts, eating unhealthy food... SIGH SIGH
basically doing everything that you are not supposed to do, or may be you don’t get to do on everyday basis
What amazes me is the way i get excited about the vacation, and how i start planning things way before, and when on vacation how one day seems to be shorter as compared to a regular day
On the other hand, returning back to home is so painful,
Last day of the vacation mind is bloated with all kinds of worries,
Packing the bags, catching flight, thinking about piled up work, getting emails and meeting notification from office…  its dreadful

On my way back home, i was scrolling through the pictures and each one has its own story
suddenly a smile spread across my face
one thing is definite, Although this vacation is over but the memories will always stay with me

I am rejuvenated... 
I am motivated to work harder... 
I am back to my routine life...  

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Diwali 2012- Realization

There are so many things i've realized this Diwali,
but first of all let me wish all of you a very very happy Diwali, 
I know i'm bit late, i was pondering over my realization as usual:P

Anyways i know everyone must be having loads and loads of fun and gaining pounds and inches by gorging on all the mouth watering sweets, i know i know :P
there is no need to feel guilty about it , we will work it out later but for now let us all enjoy yummy sweets prepared by our mummy dearest, 
while saying so, i'm conscious of the fact  that this is my first Diwali away from my mother my family, my country India
This feeling is terrible, specially for someone like me who is fond of this festival 
not only because i get to eat sweets without feeling guilty *ahem ahem*  i mean that is one of the strong reasons but also because of i get to decorate house(where else can i show my creativity), lighting diyas in every corner of the house, and off-course the Pooja(Prayers)
This time it was my turn to do it all alone, i don't know if i did a fair job or not but one thing is sure  it was nowhere close to  my mother's
but it made me realize that, its tough, i was literally exhausted just by preparing some gulab jamun(Indian sweet) and  namkeen and it left me thinking about all the past Diwalis when my mother prepared so many delicacies all by herself,
she would clean the house, pamper me and my sister, cook dinner yet  look so beautiful and vibrant....
I can never forget those Diwali Vacations when both of us used to have time of our lives- waking up late, then eating ladoos, wearing new clothes and lighting crackers huhhhhhh best days... 
All those days it never occurred to me that Diwali must have been so enervating for my mother, not that we never helped her but still, i can very well understand it now 

So i just want to Thank you Mummy for making this festival joyous for us...
kudos to all the Mothers/Ladies/Aunties who are working relentlessly for making Diwali special for their Children/Husbands/Relatives/Friends

and finally this is how me and M celebrated our very first Diwali....yeyeeee!!!!!!

Friday, November 9, 2012

i have decided not to CRY...

No more digging face into cushion
No more curling and hiding inside the blanket
No more sulking behind the closed doors
As i have decided not to CRY.....

I have understood
Whatever happens, happens for a reason
I don't want no sympathy
I can differentiate between purity and artificiality
As i have decided not to CRY.....

This world ain't for weakling
This world aint for ordinary
You can either Lead or Follow
I have made my choice today
As i have decided not to CRY

This is the time to take charge
This is the time to chase the stars
This is the time to win over fears
As i know,
This is no time to CRY...
This is no time to CRY....