Monday, July 16, 2012

shut-up MIND!!!

Heyyyllooo people...

not very lonuung ago when I was 7

I wished to become a rickshaw driver yeaaahhh believe me thats what i dreamt of day & night during those dayszzzz, just because he didn’t had to attend the boring school, and he gets to drive that ultimate driving machine!!!!
Though i totally miss school days… I bet everyone does

When I was 8
I dreamt of truning into a jeannie as i was truly-madly-deeply in love with this show named I dream of jeannie i simply loved her bottle wala house, pink curtains and her cozyyy sofa….

Anyway, to cut a long story short I had an urge to be someone or something during various phases of my life...

Envisage our mind coming to a standstill for a moment…
Its probably tough to imagine this scenario, the incoming and outgoing of thoughts is like an unstoppable process which continues even when we are asleep...

Focus has always been kinda herculean task for me…I picture multiple things at a time, couple of them Errrrr most of them are out of context,
For an instance, at the moment my mind is lost in the thoughts of cold mystical mountains of Ladakh(my dream destination) and in a split of a second all i’m thinking about is summer sale at forever21 :0
Lost in my world, i often ruminate about some baffling questions, enigmatic facts and obscure facets of life....
Well…Mind’s quest is insatiable and there is nothing as complex and mysterious as the human mind.

There are times when I just need to say
shut up mind!!!!!

i totally heart this song, love the reminds me of all the crazy-little-stupid thingzz


  1. and if only this stupid mind really shuts up !!

  2. hey there deeps!!!!

    naaaahhh it never does.. right

    take care..

  3. Only if it wud shut up!!!!

    I have been almost caught so many times in office meetings where suddenly some funny incident pops up into my mind and I have hard time controlling my laughter!!!!
    When someone is talking something and I am thinking of someone else!!! Its really embarrassing if the other person notices !!!

    But its boring when it shuts up!!! its like the auto entertaining out of control radio which gets tuned to any channel on its own... sometimes u cant stop humming the saddest song u know even when u r extremely happy and remembering a stupid jokes takes u off ur dull mood!!! With all the boring things in life this constant jibber jabber of mind puts us through the day!!! It wud be very boring if it were in my control :P :P So I don't mind being caught laughing or talking to myself as long as i have my own personal out of control auto entertaining unit with me!!!

  4. cheers to your 'out of control auto entertaining unit' :p

  5. I am sure there is some one who is dreaming to be you.