Friday, July 13, 2012


I have this crazy obsession for logos, i can stare at them endlessly and wonder what makes them so perfect, as if they are meant to be associated with that particular brand, product or company,they propose the gist of their brand in a way which is effective yet creative, unique yet simple, no matter where we go they continue to exists in our minds.
I need not mention about the globally renowned brands like Apple, BMW, Audi etc. i mean hats off to the designers/inventors to come up with such superbly enchanting  notions.

but i often wonder about the local not so famous shops, restaurants, joints and their logo story.
  The other day i happen to visit this place called BOMBAY CAFÉ, as it is m on my toes & always-greedy for Indian food and that too chaat mmmmmm , ohh kk soo this place had this huge painting or rather bollywood painting in 70’s filmy style, it totally mesmerized me, it had almost everything on it that our bollywood is made of

despite some renovation work i managed to click this picture, very sorry for the  picture quality though

i’m very curious to see what  this place looks like post renovation, would definitely click some nice pictures then


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  1. I am too fascinated with logos of the company. it has lot of stories and message and brand to it. designing a logo is challenging. I always want to design a logo for me that has a brand of me though I am not a brand. why not you design a brand logo for you that speak about you in some way.