Friday, May 10, 2013

Doubly HAPPY!!!!!

I am not only happy, I am Doubly Happy today, 
I had innumerable things planned for this moment, i was longing for this happiness
but now when my wait is over, i am numb, i don't know how to express my happiness
I hope by stating 'I am Happy' i am doing justice to my feelings

Next week We(yesss Me and M share our Birthday, i knowwww, rightttt) will have one more reason to celebrate along with our Birthday

I will start my Masters Program from this fall semester, got my admission confirmed today, Yessss finally the loooong wait is over and what makes this more special is i get to celebrate this with my family as i'll be visiting India after almost 2years phewwww....

If we are waiting for something, each day seems prolonged, every minute is lengthy
There is an unending war between Positive and Negative parts of our brain,
overpowering and dominating each other....
We might be physically present but mentally, we are wandering somewhere in search of answers
Poor mind is entangled in the infinite loop of 'What-If'
And one fine day Just-Like-That without any prior notification, 
One E-mail, One Letter, One Phone-call breaks this hiatus like a beam of sunlight breaks the darkness...

Isn't it amazing how few seconds of Blissfulness fades away days/months long Gloominess just like that!!!!!