Wednesday, March 27, 2013


I was eager to write with my father’s fancy pen,
To have the feel of his power and authority

I was curious to wear my mom’s dress and makeup,
to see if I look like her

I was desperate to learn how to ride a bicycle
I would fall many times, injure myself but never gave up

I was eager to finish my education
To face the world all by myself

I was ready to usher in the world of Grownups
little did i know that
Growing Up means following the rules
Growing Up means to be in a rut
Growing Up means locking the little window of innovation
Growing Up means caring more about what people think of me
Growing Up means striving for acceptance
Growing Up means forgetting the original me
Growing Up means becoming fearful
Growing Up means not trying hard enough....

I’m not saying that all adults live a mundane life but I can definitely say that children are innovative
So what makes us loose the inquisitiveness??
why do we get influenced so easily??
I don’t know, but I’ve figured out one thing-
It’s always good to embrace childhood,
It broadens my vision, keeps me in a learning mode
and most important I’m not afraid to try new things

I guess we can reduce dullness from our lives
by reliving the good old childhood days!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And WE Fight....

Days are Longer
Nights are Sleepless
When We Fight

I am unbending
He is Stubborn
When We fight

Laughs are Missing, Hugs are vanished
Talks are Precise, Eyes hardly meet
When We Fight

I prefer Shouting and Screaming
While he is Quiet
'Men are from Mars and Women from Venus'
This is so Right!!!
Yes WE Fight....

Who says Marriage is all about Love and Endearment
One of its major ingredient is Disagreement
Only to feel the immense Love after every fight
We Fight...

I know this will be over
We will resolve things
but one fine day
We will again

PS: FIGHT here refers to trivial arguments, nothing Serious :)

Friday, March 15, 2013

Daily Prayer!!!!

Call it a practice, habit, belief or ritual, I pray daily
I've grown up watching my mother pray twice(morning and evening) a day without fail
she would wake up finish off with her daily chores and ask me to pluck fresh flowers for idols in our temple, my fav part was is.. infact i have three fav parts during a POOJA(prayer)
Apply Tika to every idol, Sing Aarti(devotional song) and eat all the mouthwatering sweets once the prayer is over

I always had my reasons to pray- good grades, just to obey mom, nice job even reckless whining about something or someone,
I would wonder what is the reason behind my mother's prayer,
what does she want in life, what is she complaining about,
I often asked her  and she would say it is not always about material things,
she thanked god for whatever she has and asks for our well being and good health
I never understood this until today's prayer, when i realized that its been months or may be a year that i haven't  asked God for any material thing, no complains whatsoever.
I thank god everyday (unconsciously) for whatever i have, this truly feels Great...
Seems like now i've understood TRUE meaning of DAILY PRAYER!!!!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


What are DREAMS, pleasing Dreams, scary Dreams, desirous Dreams, Dreams about Dreams..
Why do we dream?? should we Dream??
Hovered by lots of dreams and unresolved questions about dreams she would start her day,
purpose of dreaming was never clear to her, basically she loved Dreaming
It was her way to escape from never ending hustle-bustle, pervading rut around her
this may sound bit weird, but she preferred Day Dreaming, with her eyes wide open, she would be lost in a wonder world for hours and hours, no no she was not insane, she was like any other girl,
'Dreaming is utter waste of time', 'Dreamers are Non-Achievers', 'Dreaming is being hypothetical'
she would superficially listen to all these theories, in her mind she alway believed that
Dreams come true.

She had this small desire, call it a dream since childhood, she did nothing special to acquire it, though she believed it wholeheartedly, surviving numerous turmoil, fatalities that life threw at her she had only one thing to clinch on, her Dreams
After a while, she realized- Dreams do come True
Only difference between Dreamers and Achievers is BELIEF!!!!
So has she stopped Dreaming now????
This is just a beginning

   DREAM ON......

Saturday, March 2, 2013

And the Award goes To....

 Last month was all about awards be it OSCARS or Liebster...
 Speaking My heart....  nominated me for 'The Creative Blogger Award'
 also Purple Assassin nominated me for the 'Liebster Award'

Thank you Girls and thank you all for reading and appreciating mindBLOWING!!!!
Here comes the tough part, answering the questions, well i hope i do justice to your interesting questions

Following are the questions from Speaking My Heart

1. One thing you truly love about yourself

   I think i'm a good daughter, i want to be the best though :)

2.  Biggest achievement

    When I spent my first salary on buying gifts for my family, that moment is very close to my heart

3. which one is more important: Truth that hurts or Lie that retains the smile? why?

    I prefer truth that hurts, although it will hurt for a while, but in the long run Truth will persist

Click Here for the questions and answers from Purple Assassin

Best Part, My nomination for 'Creative Blogger Award'

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