Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 'M' Serendipity

Hello guys how are you doing, i am very excited about this post the only reason being its a terse summary of my life, i don't know if many of you know about this movie called serendipity, it was all about sweet coincidences , anyways the occurrence of letter 'M' starts  with my name itself, then getting placed in  Mastek, moving to Mumbai(love love love mumbai) meeting my dream man (currently my husband) Milind and getting Married, now do you see trail of M's there phewwwww. it never occurred to me earlier may be becoz i was surrounded by so many other things  but now that i have realized this M thing i am quite amused, there are so many little things amongst us that we don't know about or don't even care to find out but hey trust me on this one, take some time off for yourself i mean though i am not working now but i used to and that too in mumbai where everyone is on the go, give yourself a nice pat on your back for successfully dealing with such a hectic lifestyle and let your mind go on a treasure hunt within your own lives,  once you find your little trail or secret or whatever it might be BINGO you will experience it for urself.

perform this treasure hunt this weekend and do share with me your magic moments, happy weekend!!


  1. well this kind of serendipity in my life is around the letter "s"- my mom, the man in my life, my BFF, my blogger's fictitious name,my darling younger brother,all of their names starting with S. :D :D
    I thought I was the only loony one who thinks about the letters like this hahah well i was wrong

    P.S- my name starts with M too..:P:P

  2. hey sugar glad to hear from u...

    soo we both are awsome twosome huhhhh
    yeayyy +1 M serendipityyy!!!!

  3. I have things in my life happening around the number 2.