Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Love You Sister!!!!!

I was lonely, I was friendless
Till you came into my life
You were like a beam of light, fresh breeze of air
You were someone I could easily maneuver

I was unimportant, I was inconsiderable
Till you came into my life
You paid heed to my words
You were my chief supporter
You followed me all over

We argued, we quarreled
It was then I realized,
We were so unlike each other, yet hard to separate
We were so stubborn at times, but would yield to each other

We chuckled, we giggled
We shared, borrowed
Of all those days we were together
I never realized how precious our bond is
Miles apart from you
I only wish to relive every single day with You...


  1. Lovely. Lucky are those who are blessed with siblings :)

  2. sisters are actually a blessing..:)
    nice post..:)

  3. so who is more blessed to have the other's company? she or you? :)

  4. Hey,
    I just dropped by to say that you have been awarded "Creative Blogger Award".
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    Keep Writing.
    Congo. :D

  5. Sisters share such a lovely relationship. I can't imagine my life without my adorable cartoon baby sister. :D

    Lovely photos.

  6. @Anisha, thats true
    @Lindsay: thank you dear, welcome to mindBLOWING!!!
    @mani:yes, they are, and thank you so much for the award, yeayyyy
    @deeps:hahaha, i guess we both are blessed to have each other
    @Tanya:yeahhh exactly, sisters specially younger ones are adorable :)

  7. Such beautiful words...describes the special bond aptly.

    Thanx for the blog visit and comment.

    Your newest follower:

  8. i totally feel ur words..because i too have only one elder sister of my..!!

    <3<3 loved it!!

  9. @ Shivali, hey welcome to mindBLOWING!!!,
    @ Pink Pavement: I know, sisters are special right :)

  10. Good one.
    Recently I read somewhere that siblings (especially sisters) are the most reliable and lasting relationship that can take place.

  11. great writing! I wish I had one (sibling) too...

    <3 from:

  12. @Haddock: that is absolutely correct
    @Oeendree thanks dear!!!

  13. I have no sibling but reading ur writing I wish I had one..Nicely written!GOD<3U