Friday, January 18, 2013


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I woke up, went to the bathroom and saw myself in the mirror....
It did't came as a shock to me, yes its me, may be with some more visible lines but still,  its me.
Ignoring mirror has become a chore for me,
and anyways, entrapped in the daily humdrum of life who has the time to have a conversation with thyself, gone are those days when life was all about me, the way i look, the way i laugh....

I think Mirrors can be the most dreadful object sometimes
They are not mere reflection of me, I feel as if they can see through me
You have known me since past 20years
You were with me each time i cried,
Each time i pretended to be someone else,
I did all those dance and drama in front of you,
How could i forget the day I locked myself inside bathroom and you calmed me down
How could i forget the day I confessed that I was in Love,
I have always shared my secrets with you,
I don't remember exactly when i stopped talking with you
One thing is sure Life comes with situations and i accept i was not able to deal with them the way i wanted to and ended up acting like a coward
Its you who made me realize
The only person standing between me and my desired life is ME

'Its not what happens to Us, but our RESPONSE to what happens to Us'

Saturday, January 5, 2013

Home ALONE :) :)

 6th day of 2013 is almost here
 And past 5days were spend wishing every single person Happy 2013, making resolution, setting goals
Hmmmm so now its time to actually get on with Life
In the mean time M had to go out of town for a conference,
I had to stay back, this is probably first time (post marriage) that I'm all alone
I reminiscence those days when i would look forward to occasions like this,  i mean it was like a golden opportunity to be alone at Home.
My Mother being a Home-Maker has always been watchful,  Me and my sister were rarely left alone

I remember doing all the crazy things,
wearing my mother's sarees
dancing to all raunchy item numbers/songs doing all those obscene movements
ahem ahem you know what i'm talking about right
barge into the refrigerator to have all those ice-cream and chocolates
spending hours and hours in front of mirror-Really
call all the friends over and have night-long girl talks.

Now a days my favorite to-do thing is to  have all kinda stuff like a remote, phone, eatables,
books, water, coffee-cup in a reachable distance so you just don't have to get up what-so-ever
I have not even bothered to open the drapes heeeeeee

Well i did a little crazy-dance yesterday for a moment i felt as if i was too old for it...
but then i realized you are never too old to do a little crazy-dance, especially when you are all alone it brings out that insanity in you... :P

I'll resume to my normal sane routine Tomorrow
till then Happy Craziness to Me!!!!!!