Wednesday, November 28, 2012

back to ROUTINE!!!!!

Hummmmm, the after effects of a vacation are somewhat similar to hangover, in a good sense though.
My fingers moving slowly over the keyboard is one of its sign, they need to be stretched
What else do you except after a long relaxing vacation,
Even a thought of long weekend excites me,
Spending time with M, meeting friends, traveling, road trips, shopping, wine, waking up late, no workouts, eating unhealthy food... SIGH SIGH
basically doing everything that you are not supposed to do, or may be you don’t get to do on everyday basis
What amazes me is the way i get excited about the vacation, and how i start planning things way before, and when on vacation how one day seems to be shorter as compared to a regular day
On the other hand, returning back to home is so painful,
Last day of the vacation mind is bloated with all kinds of worries,
Packing the bags, catching flight, thinking about piled up work, getting emails and meeting notification from office…  its dreadful

On my way back home, i was scrolling through the pictures and each one has its own story
suddenly a smile spread across my face
one thing is definite, Although this vacation is over but the memories will always stay with me

I am rejuvenated... 
I am motivated to work harder... 
I am back to my routine life...  


  1. so you were unwinding on a vacasion.. thats good..
    and back blogging as well i guess more rejuvenated

  2. I need a holiday to get over a holiday ..


  3. @Deeps: ohhh yes i was eager to pen down my thoughts, thanks :)

    @Bikramjit: hmmm that is true, Thanks for stopping by :)

  4. Always a little difficult getting back into the normal routine after a holiday.
    Good to see you sound so fresh and rejuvenated though. :)

  5. That was an exciting post :) Getting to know stuff from your mind is an adventure itself. Glad you shared the holiday hangover with us :D So, are you all ready to hit on life hard? Or shall we go on another one :D ;) Just kidding. Bbye! Take care dear :)

  6. ohhh i'm always ready for a holiday :D
    Thanks Tanya :)

  7. yes everyone loves holidays
    beautiful pics

  8. Absolutely manaNmind !

    The anticipation that builds before any holidays is always look forward to.

    But it returning back from vacation is the worst feeling ever. Nice post ! :)

  9. these wonderful breaks from our monotonous hectic schedule does makes us fresh and fill with new energy to attain all those routine jobs more effeciently.....

  10. absolutely :)
    thanks for stopping by Irfanuddin