Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Road Trip 1

Though this was not our first road trip, for some strange reason i wrote 1 up there
road trips are always fun, and this was my 3rd (US) road trip and i have lost the count if i consider (Indian) road trips
Also I have read & heard so much about fall foliage over the years, finally got to experience and capture fall closely.
Trees covered with the shades of bright yellow and vibrant red, resembling some sort of painting
I was completely mesmerized by the fall colors...

We started off early in the morning, foggy breezy morning, morning longing for a cup of coffee…
with the melody of an ipod and prominent voice of GPS we commenced our journey
Roads… aren’t they mystical.. changing demeanor every now and then,
In morning they seem to be calm, fresh, peaceful,
evening they seem to be flirting around while night makes them bit scary...
God knows how long it might have taken to pave all these roads,
if only the road could speak i would know
how it feels to be paved for infinite years..
how it feels to witness myriad of vehicles..
how it feels to be rigid, firm and continual..
how it feels to bridge the gap

There are numerous people on road, with numerous purpose…
some relaxed, some rushing
some happy, some gloomy
The road knows it all...
If only the road could speak I would ask
How it feels to know it all...

Like every Road Trip, this one too left me pondering
this is why i love road trips, you can take time off and think about so many random things
regardless of getting answer to every question on your mind...


  1. You know this is so very lovely. I find it to be very true. I have so many questions and I am always searching for the answers.

    I am sure you have noticed I cut my blog page for a bit. It was causing me too much stress. It will return once I sort out my life.

    I am around and walking the path in silence.

    I have so many questions for you. I do. Especially about Indians. Perhaps the questions aren't about Indian culture so much as it is perspective.

    I am in love with an Indian Girl. I need some guidance.



  2. hey Bobby :)

    Yeahhh i have noticed that, and pls feel free to ask me anything about Us(Indians & India)
    I'll be more than happy to help you, you can shoot me an email if you dont want to talk about it here :)

    All the best Bobby

    1. Thank you. I have a fair grasp of what I am entering into but it is good to have perspective. I may very well take you up on the offer and send you the details.

      Again, thank you for your friendship...


  3. This is exactly what I want to do/need right now. A LONG ROAD TRIP to nowhere in particular. Loved the photographs. :)

  4. Yaaa i know some times we are surrounded by so many things we hardly find time for ourselves...
    Thanks TS :)

  5. beautiful post
    you can take time off and think about so many random things
    pics are wonderful

  6. that must be oohhhsome experience and i would say, you must make your next ride on an Indian road...

  7. hmmm it was awesome and i cant wait enough to hit the Indian Roads...

    Thanks Deeps :)

  8. You just made me want to go on a road trip!!! :D :D ... I'm jealous now! ;)

  9. Congratulations manaNmind.Your blog has been chosen for the Liebster Blog Award!!
    For more details visit http://stilsearching.blogspot.com/

  10. @Viya: phewww atlast a comment from you... i've been waiting for this ..yeayyyy, Thanks Viya :)

    @Ani: What do i say.. i'm overwhelmed... thank you thank you :)

  11. heheee.. :P i usually log in thru phone and read posts and the comment option on my phone is weirrrdd and that is why i hardly comment :( .. even on my own blog!! :P

  12. the road trip sounds so good..even I always wanted to visit US during fall - Neha & Manji

  13. yeaahhh its beautiful... i'm glad u liked it :)

    Thanks Neha & Manji!!!!

  14. Lovely post. I could relate to some stuff in your words. The way you portray emotions & experience through words is terrific. :) I must say your blog is a reader's paradise :) Take care !