Thursday, August 1, 2013

Expect The Unexpected!!!!!!!!!

Remember that feeling when we think tomorrow is a working day and it happens to be a Sunday,
that smile on our face is so genuine and wholehearted.
That amazement when we are humming some song and out of the blue that same song is on air,
when we are thinking about someone and suddenly that person calls us,
Such sweet coincidences, such unexpected gestures are precious. 
No matter how petty these reflexes are, no matter how trivial they are 
they take away all the negativity, the uncertainty, the adversity which surrounds us all the time with them,
and makes us happy despite of everything

Expectation hurts??? 
depends on what we are expecting....
Expect  hearing from a long lost school friend 
Expect a surprise gift 
Expect a romantic candle light dinner
Expect nice bright morning
Expect that today is the Best Day

Expect the Unexpected!!!!!!! 

PS: Helloo to all my blogger friends, I am back from my vacation
I missed reading your wonderful blogs, Hope that you all are doing good :) :)


  1. Well penned.

    Welcome back. :)
    Hope to see more posts.

    Okay, one question. The label : BAZINGAaaaa is a reference to ? :P #JustAsking #JustCurious

  2. Thank You :)
    I am so glad that you noticed..
    well, all my crazy, happy, random post come under BAZINGaaa label
    other than that i m yet another Sheldon Copper fan :)

  3. thats after a long while...

    but expectations are always bound to be there...maybe it s needed to up to some extend

  4. expect the unexpected , then there will be no unexpected thing. a state of being okay with everything. like I used to mention, uncertainty is a certain aspect of my life.

  5. beautiful quote to go with expect

  6. Happiness sure is a choice.
    Welcome back, missed you. :)

  7. Advanced Merry Christmas & Happy New Year greetings and also Thanks and Smiles:) for ur support till now Dear Blogger Buddy God<3U:)

  8. hi
    enjoy the festive season ahead..
    may you have a grace-filled Christmas and Happy New Year

  9. Hell there
    U r blog is awesome ihad this big smile on my face as i read it:-D:-D

    Sometimes drop by my place too