Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The wake up call!!!

i think each and everyone of us must have got a wake up call once in a lifetime and for those who haven't  got it yet don't you worry its on its way
talking about my wake up call, i got lucky as i got them twice yeah yeah i know, that's me…. 

 when i didn't clear my first ever placement test, 
 a piece of paper on the notice board was enough to shatter all my dreams...
 i was desperately searching for my name, may be i missed it..
 i asked one of my friend to look for my name,
 how can this happen to me, 
no no may be i should cross-check... no wait must be printing mistake  :(

most of my friends got selected & i was more than happy for them but the worst part was to deal with their sympathies, suggestions, in a nutshell their pity..
 deep down i knew they genuinely cared

during the same year, i was shocked to see myself
suddenly I felt as if I'm the  flabbiest person on earth, thanks to my mummy’s excellent culinary skills that had turned me into a FAT gal… I know this word hurts!!! 
i was fat and had to accept it, but i was not at all ready to live with it..
i tried dieting, but failed and realized its not my cup of tea

having nothing to do with fitness, health I was introduced to gym-thing 
i joined aerobics with a plain motive of getting rid of my extra baggage, little did I know that I was already bitten by fitness bug!!!

sweating my pants off for about 1year, finally got desired results,
joy of slipping into cute little black dress, fav pair of jeans in addition to this
 i also got a chance to vent my spleen... huuuu yaaaaaaa!!!!
but  few things had changed in me, i was really the person i know i could always be 
happy,energetic, confident, and above all positive
PS: finally got placed taaa daaaaaa

i felt some protective shield around me as they show in those mosquito repellent commercials,
Life through this shield seemed lush green, energetic, glowing & positive despite the prevailing pessimism, scorching sun, and fierce winds all around

With each passing day my love for fitness is increasing, i regret the day when I don’t do it coz of some silly excuse,
 so the bottom line is-

keep burning people!!!!

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Life Is....

Every home has its own ritual or daily practice of dinning together, prayers, family vacations and bed-time stories, hmmm… Cinderella, red-riding hood…my mom seldom told us any fairly-tale, she is wayyy too realistic for fairy-tales…
well she read us these inspiring, motivational, real-life snack-time stories, yess that’s what i call them, thanks to skype that daily dosage of inspiration is still on..

i feel like sharing some of these extremely moving stories with you - 
on special request ummmm rather command :p

Oscar Leonard Carl Pistorious born 22 November 1986, African race runner, known as 'Blade Runner' and 'The Fastest Man On No legs' ,  Pistorious, who has a double amputation(amputation is the removal of body extremity by surgery)
is the world record holder for sport class T44(reduced function in one or both lower limbs) in the 100, 200 and 400 metres events and runs with the aid of transtibial artificial limbs
Oscar Pistorius was born with short deformed legs. When he was 11 months old, his legs were amputated halfway between his knees and ankles
Few of his glories
 gold medals in the 100, 200 and 400 metres (T44) race
 With his 400 m time of 45.07 on 19 July 2011, he achieved the "A" standard for the 2011 World Championship and 2012 Olympics.

His sporting motto is: "You're not disabled by the disabilities you have, you are able by the abilities you have."

In an universe where most of us are busy cursing our city for unpredictable weather, pollution,traffic,job,friends, manager,relationship
Some people are busy fighting their way out of an unfair life, against all odds these people are busy paving their pathways to greatness.

What effect does these stories have on me....
Well, over a period of time these stories have transformed a cry-baby like me to an optimist.

Whenever life seems a bit difficult, and things doesn’t go our way, instead of cursing our destiny and blaming every single entity around us,
we must focus our energies on other positive aspects of our lives

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

first THINGS first!!!!!

Caio!!!Salve!!! Buongiorno!!!!
No no don’t get me wrong people i’m not cursing you for not visisting/commenting on my blog..thats altogether a different sulking story errrrrr
 Huhhhhh , i’m still hungover by this Italian restaurant that we had been to last Friday, it was my first time and i enjoyed it to the core…as you can see...he he he…

Since i was a first timer, the menu totally made me scratch my head,
I asked them about every single dish, being a newbie I was cautious enough and just didn’t want to ruin my evening by ordering something wired..
i really enjoyed the meal Buon Appetito!!!

Why most of the first things, events, incidents, function are soo dear & near to us, what makes them special, special that its hard to say goodbye

First school, first achievement, first fall off bicycle,first punishment, first friend, first crush, first day at college, first bunk, first pick up line, first job, first presentation,first appraisal, first cooking experience and first blog

Technically this is my first post, but i was too apprehensive to post it,
i kept editing, restyling, and reverting it to the draft du-huhhhhh!!!!
i crossed checked it zillions of times, didn’t want it to be very general, or come very strong, didn’t want to sound biased either phewwwww sounds like loads of expectation from a tiny little post, 
i managed publishing couple of posts but was never sure about this one up till now..
may be a strong belief that first impression lasts forever made me a bit skeptical

 That anxiety, living on the edge, curiosity of whats next, dedication, hard-working attitude, endless discussion,last minute goof-ups all these add-up to make our first events unforgettable  
We treasure the feeling of Freshness, purity, truthfulness, sorrow, disappointment associated with it for ages

No matter how oldster,successful, experienced we grow first things will always form the foundation of our very existence

Sunday, July 22, 2012

R.I.P rajesh khanna a.k.a KAKA

There was nothing special about this day, it was a regular Wednesday morning followed by my same old routine, which undoubtedly comprises of log in facebook :(

I was startled to see my fb page... flooded with status, pictures, posts saying
RIP kaka, U will be missed, end of an era, you will always be remembered....

My thoughts immediately flashed back to the days of Vivdh Bharti, thanks to mom and her radio fetish that i got acquainted with old songs,
since then I’m die heart fan of old movies,songs, music,

wo shaam kuch ajeeb thi.... i caught my very first  glimpse of rajesh khanna in this song from the movie khamoshi
 then Anand, total knock-out-performance!!!!! 

       jindagi aur maut  uparwale ke hath hai jahapana, jise na aap badal sakte hai na mein
           hum sab to ranmanch ki katputliya hai jiski door uparwale ke haath  bandhi hai
                                 KAUN KAB KAISE UTHEGA, KOI NAI JANTA

i can watch this movie over and over again and end up crying every single time,
was smitten with his acting in Safar, aradhana, amar prem, Bawarchi, Daag...
 hardly imagine such depth and poise...

those charming looks,captivating eyes & enticing smile were gateway to millions of beautiful hearts
needless-to mention, string of heart-melting most romantic songs ever,

                                       Lets bid kaka a mindBLOWING farewell bcoz
                                                       Pushpa I hate tears re


Friday, July 20, 2012

pyaar IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

 soooo watttt…m not good at mathss ZZZZZzzzz.... i hate the very sight of those X&Y variables, mind boggling equations, irksome derivation and those puzzling theorem duhhhhhh Bummer!!!!! and how can i forget  Shakuntala Devi…due respect though..i bet her book has the toughest numerical of all time,  really gave hard time to my mummy dear while solving them…

I never understood the way they get things proved like hence proved, i loved the part where we had to write hence proved though :0 ohhh goddd why are we proving and what are we proving at the first place.....

Maths to me is like those irksome neighbors, who bore you to the core,ask baseless questions,still you gotta be all nice and well behaved with them huhhhhh
(namste uncle namste aunty)

 the more i try to run away from it, the more it haunts me
throughout my SSC i yearned for maths exam as  i knew that this was my last ever encounter with Maths… little did I know that I have much dreaded events ahead

sooo again i gathered myself for SYJC/HSC.... this time I def knew this was my last hurrah…
 sadly it wasn’t :(
 although somehow managed to catch my breath  post 1st year of engineering..

life was awesomely wonderful,

As they say you cannot escape your past soo easily... true
I had to face my fear again (GRE preparation) 
but the fear of parting from my family, friends, my country overshadowed  tiny little fear of maths
this time i nailed it,  i think i did a descent job more importantly
gained my confidence back & no more ghost from past….yeyieeee

sometimes we must let go
let go our doubts, disbelieve and FEAR

all those stories and rumours stating pretty gals are bad at maths n blaah blahhh.. all those are real??? 
ohhh well i'm not saying anything, there may be slightest possibility that all these rumours are true... WINK!!!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

trial n ERROR

This section of my blog is Xtra special as i get to share my love for fitness with u... 
smiles smiles claps claps!!!!!

Well...ever been to the danger zone?? Yes you have… everyone of us has been to danger zone, i’m talking about the trial/fitting room, for me its one of the scariest places on earth, like we are all alone and then there are mirrors to exacerbate things.... yaaaainksss!!!!

prior entering the danger zone we all are so excited to try all those fancy cute outfits we have been sorting for almost an hour, that adrenaline rush when we picture ourselves in them, waiting in long queues till we run out of patience only to be disappointed, we try so hard to get those jeans zipped up, try to fit in those LBD but all our efforts go in vain phewwww

two probable ways to get rid of this predicament

conveniently start searching for one size larger...it will fit you right there, will make you feel better
that instant thank-goddddd kinda feeling... (wont last for long though)

hit the gym slog your guts out to fit in your fav pair of jeans, LBD, all the possible clothes you have ever dreamt of, this may take weeks, months may be years of dedication, unyielding attitude...
but its worth it...(like really worth it)

We do not err because truth is difficult to see. It is visible at a glance. We err because this is more comfortable. -Alexander Solzhenitsyn

take care guys....

Monday, July 16, 2012

shut-up MIND!!!

Heyyyllooo people...

not very lonuung ago when I was 7

I wished to become a rickshaw driver yeaaahhh believe me thats what i dreamt of day & night during those dayszzzz, just because he didn’t had to attend the boring school, and he gets to drive that ultimate driving machine!!!!
Though i totally miss school days… I bet everyone does

When I was 8
I dreamt of truning into a jeannie as i was truly-madly-deeply in love with this show named I dream of jeannie i simply loved her bottle wala house, pink curtains and her cozyyy sofa….

Anyway, to cut a long story short I had an urge to be someone or something during various phases of my life...

Envisage our mind coming to a standstill for a moment…
Its probably tough to imagine this scenario, the incoming and outgoing of thoughts is like an unstoppable process which continues even when we are asleep...

Focus has always been kinda herculean task for me…I picture multiple things at a time, couple of them Errrrr most of them are out of context,
For an instance, at the moment my mind is lost in the thoughts of cold mystical mountains of Ladakh(my dream destination) and in a split of a second all i’m thinking about is summer sale at forever21 :0
Lost in my world, i often ruminate about some baffling questions, enigmatic facts and obscure facets of life....
Well…Mind’s quest is insatiable and there is nothing as complex and mysterious as the human mind.

There are times when I just need to say
shut up mind!!!!!

i totally heart this song, love the innocence...it reminds me of all the crazy-little-stupid thingzz

Friday, July 13, 2012


I have this crazy obsession for logos, i can stare at them endlessly and wonder what makes them so perfect, as if they are meant to be associated with that particular brand, product or company,they propose the gist of their brand in a way which is effective yet creative, unique yet simple, no matter where we go they continue to exists in our minds.
I need not mention about the globally renowned brands like Apple, BMW, Audi etc. i mean hats off to the designers/inventors to come up with such superbly enchanting  notions.

but i often wonder about the local not so famous shops, restaurants, joints and their logo story.
  The other day i happen to visit this place called BOMBAY CAFÉ, as it is m on my toes & always-greedy for Indian food and that too chaat mmmmmm , ohh kk soo this place had this huge painting or rather bollywood painting in 70’s filmy style, it totally mesmerized me, it had almost everything on it that our bollywood is made of

despite some renovation work i managed to click this picture, very sorry for the  picture quality though

i’m very curious to see what  this place looks like post renovation, would definitely click some nice pictures then


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

boring friday to POURING FRIDAY....

Like every other friday this too was a much awaited friday....
               Friday= Movies
               Friday= Bye Bye kitchen yeayyyy
               Friday= quality time with M
               Friday = shopping spree eeeee
               Friday = bye bye Gym
               Friday= Starbucks hangouts
               Friday= pizza nights
               Friday= long drives
               Friday= all of the above for two more dayzzz .

Unlike all the regular Fridays this Friday(29th June 2012) was lil boring coz no new movie was released, it was insanely hot outside so we had to cancel our shopping and lunch plans... yeah i didn’t get to say bye bye kitchen :( to top it all M had to catch up with his colleges for some office work blaaahhh blaaahhh, i was frustrated to the core somehow kept my cool.
 Nevertheless, we were finally out and this time we decided to eat at P.F Chang’s not that i love Chinese food, i was happy with the fact that i didn’t had to cook…
Dinner was good, and so was the whether outside, all that before rain effects like lightening, aroma of soil Ummmmm, i felt like  some bollywood actress standing in the middle of the road shooting for some rain song la laaaa la, but soon we had to rush to our car, we were hardly able to see anything on the roads it was a crazzzyyyy ride, it reminded me of Mumbai monsoon.
Later i discovered that this was one of the most destructive thunderstorms through entire DC area, but it somehow restyled my boring Friday to an adventurous Friday

Smiles smiles, claps claps!!!! 

this calls for a nice rain song, this one's my all tym fav... njoyyy :)

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cocktail Nostalgia

  “tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi”  cant stop humming this song.. great lyrics, great music by pritam, and reinvigorating video, i'm dying to watch cocktail, my last watch was shanghai, yet another sensible movie by deebakar banerjee.
Anyways, i'm filled with nostalgia as i miss watching movies in India, miss the whole experience, be it Vicco’s commercial, standing up for National Anthem or rushing to the food court to buy smaosas and popcorn as fast as possible in order to catch the first look of upcoming movies, watching movies in US is totally different, we are deprived of most fun part of movie experience ie undoubtedly interval/intermission at least for me, often during climax my mind is full of anxiety and my hands hovering over an empty bucket of popcorn when i most need them, SIGH.... i'm trying to get over this, will try not to finish all my popcorn before climax while i'm watching cocktail :0

Saturday, July 7, 2012

The 'M' Serendipity

Hello guys how are you doing, i am very excited about this post the only reason being its a terse summary of my life, i don't know if many of you know about this movie called serendipity, it was all about sweet coincidences , anyways the occurrence of letter 'M' starts  with my name itself, then getting placed in  Mastek, moving to Mumbai(love love love mumbai) meeting my dream man (currently my husband) Milind and getting Married, now do you see trail of M's there phewwwww. it never occurred to me earlier may be becoz i was surrounded by so many other things  but now that i have realized this M thing i am quite amused, there are so many little things amongst us that we don't know about or don't even care to find out but hey trust me on this one, take some time off for yourself i mean though i am not working now but i used to and that too in mumbai where everyone is on the go, give yourself a nice pat on your back for successfully dealing with such a hectic lifestyle and let your mind go on a treasure hunt within your own lives,  once you find your little trail or secret or whatever it might be BINGO you will experience it for urself.

perform this treasure hunt this weekend and do share with me your magic moments, happy weekend!!