About Me

 a dreamer, movie freak, mumma's gal, coffee lover, keen observer, good listener, stubborn at times.
            Gymming is my passion, love collecting greeting-cards, keychains, making scrapbooks. 
                                            Reading inspires me, fanatic for music. 



Confession: Thanks Milind(My husband) & Purva(lil sis) for getting me through this page.
                    these three lil lines were the toughest thing i wrote till date
                    yeah yeah tougher than the JAVA code :P :P



  1. thats not all of u !!! thats like .0001 % of u !!!

    where did awesome memory!!! infectious laughter and making others laugh at the worst timing qualities go !!!!

    Also where is the fantastic daughter(friends like me hate u for this) awesome sister , never found again type friend and ideal wife(donno abt that ..just being hopefull!!) go???

  2. well well i was hoping that someone would drop by and mention all my goodie goodie qualities..pshhhhhhh
    after all i didnt want to sound all boastful...wink wink!!!

    finally BFF to rescue.. dhan ta taaaaaaan!!!

    thank you sweetie