Tuesday, July 24, 2012

first THINGS first!!!!!

Caio!!!Salve!!! Buongiorno!!!!
No no don’t get me wrong people i’m not cursing you for not visisting/commenting on my blog..thats altogether a different sulking story errrrrr
 Huhhhhh , i’m still hungover by this Italian restaurant that we had been to last Friday, it was my first time and i enjoyed it to the core…as you can see...he he he…

Since i was a first timer, the menu totally made me scratch my head,
I asked them about every single dish, being a newbie I was cautious enough and just didn’t want to ruin my evening by ordering something wired..
i really enjoyed the meal Buon Appetito!!!

Why most of the first things, events, incidents, function are soo dear & near to us, what makes them special, special that its hard to say goodbye

First school, first achievement, first fall off bicycle,first punishment, first friend, first crush, first day at college, first bunk, first pick up line, first job, first presentation,first appraisal, first cooking experience and first blog

Technically this is my first post, but i was too apprehensive to post it,
i kept editing, restyling, and reverting it to the draft du-huhhhhh!!!!
i crossed checked it zillions of times, didn’t want it to be very general, or come very strong, didn’t want to sound biased either phewwwww sounds like loads of expectation from a tiny little post, 
i managed publishing couple of posts but was never sure about this one up till now..
may be a strong belief that first impression lasts forever made me a bit skeptical

 That anxiety, living on the edge, curiosity of whats next, dedication, hard-working attitude, endless discussion,last minute goof-ups all these add-up to make our first events unforgettable  
We treasure the feeling of Freshness, purity, truthfulness, sorrow, disappointment associated with it for ages

No matter how oldster,successful, experienced we grow first things will always form the foundation of our very existence


  1. its start
    thus its very imp.

  2. Exactly its very imp....

    thanks for dropping by SM!!!

  3. Ohh I am glad I stopped by though not first!
    Yet it doesn’t matter, nice to be part of a ‘first’ here. Well, all these ‘firsts’ make sense and become dear & near only when there are seconds n thirds n all… ha?

  4. he he right right...

    m very very glad that u stopped by!!!! thanks a lotttt deeps