Sunday, August 5, 2012

the chole BLOOPER!!!

helloooo everyone, Wishing you all a Very Happy Friendship's Day!!!!
so friends this is where i reveal my little secret to you.. sshhhh its between you & me

bloopers, goof-ups are part of my daily life..  
banging head with walls, falling off stairs, spilling food/chocolates/icream/drinks specially when i’m wearing white,
I’m extermely bad with keychains, and involuntarily cruel with my cell phone, do i even need to mention passwords huhhhhh
as of now you must be laughing your heads off but my blooper list has a new entry, cooking…
this was one untouched, unconquered field for me up until now
okk i can already hear those giggles, but you will be glad to know that i’m not that bad at it.. in fact i’m happy that i’ve inherited at least one good gene from my mom

overwhelmed with my new found interest, we invited some friends over for dinner
and out of the blue i thought of cooking chole bhature(chick peas), i don’t know what was wrong with me, i had never cooked chole, for that matter never ever cooked anything except Maggie & poha(maharastrian snack)
thus i was all geared up and started searching for chole recipe, poor M... i dragged him all the way to three different grocery stores to get all ingredients on the list, and he had that warning look on his face :p
thanks to the recipe video, my gravy turned out really well,  it was time to pour the canned chick peas or chole but wait..

out of curiosity i had open the canned chick peas and left it open in the refrigerator, as a result the peas were all dead dried 

M had gone downstairs to welcome the guests and here i was with dried chick peas, i was blank for a moment.. but had to think of something fast, so after lott of jumping around omg-omg,cursing myself omg-omg i thought of holding the peas under hot water and BINGO it worked, thoughts like these makes me believe that i am a true engineer.
i fearfully stared at everyone with a worried frown until someone broke the silence and said that chole really tasted good & asked me for the recipe…
i let out a long relieved breath
Now hopefully i can scratch cooking off my blooper list... yeyyyyyyy!!!


  1. hahah!! thank god u were able to pull off the recipe n for that matter a palatable one..congrats!;)
    i really liked the title of the post.
    keep experimenting in kitchen..:D

  2. great... i mean oops!
    thats a different way to celebrate such a day...

    niways... the readers will take a note of this i guess :P

  3. @Sugar thanks dear, sure i'll keep experimenting in kitchen :)

    @Deeps i hope i've not committed yet another blooper by revealing my secret :p