Tuesday, July 10, 2012

boring friday to POURING FRIDAY....

Like every other friday this too was a much awaited friday....
               Friday= Movies
               Friday= Bye Bye kitchen yeayyyy
               Friday= quality time with M
               Friday = shopping spree eeeee
               Friday = bye bye Gym
               Friday= Starbucks hangouts
               Friday= pizza nights
               Friday= long drives
               Friday= all of the above for two more dayzzz .

Unlike all the regular Fridays this Friday(29th June 2012) was lil boring coz no new movie was released, it was insanely hot outside so we had to cancel our shopping and lunch plans... yeah i didn’t get to say bye bye kitchen :( to top it all M had to catch up with his colleges for some office work blaaahhh blaaahhh, i was frustrated to the core somehow kept my cool.
 Nevertheless, we were finally out and this time we decided to eat at P.F Chang’s not that i love Chinese food, i was happy with the fact that i didn’t had to cook…
Dinner was good, and so was the whether outside, all that before rain effects like lightening, aroma of soil Ummmmm, i felt like  some bollywood actress standing in the middle of the road shooting for some rain song la laaaa la, but soon we had to rush to our car, we were hardly able to see anything on the roads it was a crazzzyyyy ride, it reminded me of Mumbai monsoon.
Later i discovered that this was one of the most destructive thunderstorms through entire DC area, but it somehow restyled my boring Friday to an adventurous Friday

Smiles smiles, claps claps!!!! 

this calls for a nice rain song, this one's my all tym fav... njoyyy :)


  1. soooo cuteeee :) but its equally true that everyy gal thinkS if she is a bollywod actress wenever the wind blows nd she imagines all the people around her are gazing at her bt wen she actually looks around its a total flop :0

  2. this season monsoon in india is not pleasent