Friday, September 28, 2012

I Want Everything...Everything I cant Have!!!!

Why?? Why am i attracted to things i cant have

why am i curious to meet people i cannot ever meet
why am i inclined to do things i probably can never do
Is this a kind of temptation? am i an unsatisfied soul? i don’t know

And if one fine day, out of the blue all my wishes are fulfilled
Then what will be my reaction, i will be happy, very happy...
Will i start taking things for granted and don’t value them anymore
Will i start working on my wish list all over again, may be...
So the point is everyone has a wish list, some are open about it while some hide it but there is no harm in having one
As far as you are well aware of your dos and don’ts, and you know where to draw a line, you can wish for anything and everything present on this planet.

Every time i wish for something, i make sure i say this to myself
I am happy with my Life and I will never complain..
ummm... well i complain sometimes, but this is a normal human trait isn’t it unless i turn into a saint some day :p

I am one of those who hide there wish list, but the other day, M asked me about my wish list and it really got me thinking, i started penning down things and its bizarre but it made me feel contented
I could imagine myself living my fantasies, 
Just in case any one's feeling gloomy or you've got some time to kill try making a wish list.

Thursday, September 20, 2012

One more dream….

One more dream shattered
One more hope fractured

One more reason to curse destiny
One more reason to blame almighty

One more reason to be aghast
One more reason to mourn over past

One more evening passed weeping
One more night passed tossing and turning

One more reason to listen to sad melodies
One more reason to recollect all the memories

One more reason to consume chocolates without self-condemnation
One more reason to be mad at your nearest & dearest person

One more reason to question your ability
One more reason to strive against negativity

This night shall pass…
Tomorrow will bring one more dream

With this hope we shall live....
With this hope we shall live....


Friday, September 14, 2012

One LazZZzzY Day!!!

Sooo I’m done being poetic and philosophical
I mean its pretty tiring...

I woke up this morning, and believe me its not my fault
I may be wrong but It was something about this morning,
although i’m not saying that i wake up with the very first alarm ring,
but this morning was different, it was cloudy, bit chilly and then it started raining, conclusion: It was a lazy morning
I personally feel that rains brings out  lazy side of me, i don’t feel like doing anything expect sitting on my couch reading a nice book or watching a good movie or F.R.I.E.N.D.S and sipping some hot coffee….
But then there are times when you need to remind yourself that you are not on a vacation, and its not a weekend either *sigh *
so i jumped out of my bed grumbling, did my homely tasks, cooking cleaning etc.
At last my cribbing came to an end, I peeped out of my window and it was raining, i thought i had a chance of being little lazy, out of laziness i skipped my lunch, i just didn’t want to use or rather waste any of my energy there
how stupid is that, who does that grrrrrr!!!!!
Anyways one glance at my couch, my old cozy comfortable couch, i missed you bad, very bad, (situations where you get to see your furniture after 3weeks can lead to such emotional outbursts)
I quickly placed all the needy things within my reachable diameter, you know why, right...
Hopping over my couch with remote-control in one hand, while coffee in another felt divine, and supreme, i was literally laughing at myself, but at the same time this day was a breather, it has completely rejuvenated me and prepared me for tomorrow...hummmm 
i know i know i'm not at all bragging about my laziness, all i want to say is 
Take some time off, Go easy on yourself, Relax... 

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

phases of LIFE!!!!

This particular evening for some strange reasons takes me a year back,
same day, same time, similar eve…
I was so dedicated to my work, that i refused to go out for a movie (me saying no for a movie is a big thing) with my friends since i had to complete some report not that it was urgent or something like that, but somewhere i was obsessed with my work and it meant world to me, but the very same year my work took a back seat with all those wedding bells ringing in my head :)
May be i was ready to enter the next stage of my life or it was time for a change, may be i had fallen badly for Mr. M  :P
Whatever might be the reason one thing is clear our desires alter from time to time
During childhood playing, watching  cartoon network or eating chocolates are probably the most important things to do
While adolescence is all about dilemma, feelings, contradictions,
As we grow up, our priorities change, our perception are renewed, our views broaden, but this is not the end of it, being a grown up doesn’t mean that we stop undergoing changes, in fact its even more troublesome, not only because  we are responsible for the decision we take but also because of the fact that As we grow our understanding of particular things matures as a result we search for better options which leads to nothing but more confusions
The more the merrier is not always true, ummm at least for me...

So the point is,we are constantly undergoing transitions....
some of which are planned while some are unplanned, wherein willingly or unwillingly we need to change our identities and adapt ourselves accordingly, during this process we often experience an emotional turmoil..
One thing we need to keep in mind is
'The only thing constant in life is CHANGE'

  • Believe in yourself
  • Work on short-term goals
  • Make a plan
  • At this stage do not expect too much, be prepared for failures,
  • You cannot give up now, experiment with your plan, put it to action until it works for you
  • Enjoy the moment, appreciate your achievement
  • keep learning, keep growing!!!!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

through her WINDOW!!

Through her window she would see
kids playing and having fun
she would crave to play with them
when asked, they would say she was too small to play with them..

Through her window she would see bright blue sky and birds chirping around
she would always dream of flying with them
she asked if she could ever fly like them
they replied every girl has to fly one day
she still awaits that day...

Through her window she would see two people deeply in love
she would see their attachment, she would feel the warmth
she would often ask about them
but they said love was not meant for everyone
that path of love is paved with pain, tears & sacrifice,
that true love is hard to find...

Through her window she would see people running after their dreams
she would see people working hard to achieve their goals
she too was passionate about her dreams, she too had goals
she too was desirous to shape her own identity
when asked they suggested it was time for her to follow the convention
and that she shall achieve all the success some day
she still awaits that day...

Through her window she would observe all the transformation
she would see changing trends,
deep within she yearns for this transformation,
she wants to follow all these trends
when asked they said she should concentrate on her responsibilities
it was time for her serve selflessly rather than being selfish..

she no more sits besides her window
she no more indulge herself in stargazing
she no more observes the outside world
she no more asks questions
when asked about her, they say
She has not done anything remarkable all her life..

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

primitive LIVING!!!!!!

Moving/Shifting has always been a fun experience for me, since i always look forward to new beginnings, new people, new cities, but moving all the way from Virginia to Kansas wasn’t a cake walk, emotionally as well as physically
According to me, moving has two phases packing and unpacking, 
packing being the easy one and i’m spared from the horror of unpacking for a week or two
Since this was pretty much my first individual moving experience, before this all i had to do was to take care of my things but now its our things, our kitchen, our clothes, our documents… responsiblitieszzzz.. sometimes I hate being a grown-up.
However, we were so happy with the fact that we have packed everything right,  our only concern was to find an appropriate place to live, and within no time we managed to find one
(BTW, i'm loving my new house, and super-excited as we have a huge gym right across the road..yeyyyy)
On the other hand i was perturbed with the certainty that i have to survive without Wifi/television/phone for more than a week, 
It never occurred to me that there are things besides these which could be more important
As days are passing by i’ve realized that there is nothing like home-cooked food, i was so sick and tired of eating out, that for a day i was literally cutting vegetables with the help of spoon, i truly felt like an inventor or something like that, the feeling didn't last for long though :P
 errr... .. as i told you- 'we packed everything'  even a knife :P :(
Another important thing we forgot to take with us was a comforter/sleeping bag
no marks for guessing… our backs are in a very bad i know one of the reasons behind a wonderful and an energetic day is def a sound sleep
So everyday i would figure out something as minor as a pen, scissors, a charger, an iron board, a cushion has such a major importance in our lives

Thus in a nutshell, wherever we go, no matter how big or small we are.. in the long run our basic needs are the same, same old Food, Shelter & Clothing (Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan) 

As far as life without wifi is concerned, its more relaxing and peaceful
rather than stalking people on facebook i engage myself reading a good book,
M now allocates more time for my jibber jabbar since there is no PS3
one of the serious transformation being 'Early to Bed Early to Rise' as we are devoid of television which means late night movies/ T.V. series
Although, all these days i've missed blogging, and reading my fav blogs a lot :)

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about”