Friday, July 20, 2012

pyaar IMPOSSIBLE!!!!

 soooo watttt…m not good at mathss ZZZZZzzzz.... i hate the very sight of those X&Y variables, mind boggling equations, irksome derivation and those puzzling theorem duhhhhhh Bummer!!!!! and how can i forget  Shakuntala Devi…due respect though..i bet her book has the toughest numerical of all time,  really gave hard time to my mummy dear while solving them…

I never understood the way they get things proved like hence proved, i loved the part where we had to write hence proved though :0 ohhh goddd why are we proving and what are we proving at the first place.....

Maths to me is like those irksome neighbors, who bore you to the core,ask baseless questions,still you gotta be all nice and well behaved with them huhhhhh
(namste uncle namste aunty)

 the more i try to run away from it, the more it haunts me
throughout my SSC i yearned for maths exam as  i knew that this was my last ever encounter with Maths… little did I know that I have much dreaded events ahead

sooo again i gathered myself for SYJC/HSC.... this time I def knew this was my last hurrah…
 sadly it wasn’t :(
 although somehow managed to catch my breath  post 1st year of engineering..

life was awesomely wonderful,

As they say you cannot escape your past soo easily... true
I had to face my fear again (GRE preparation) 
but the fear of parting from my family, friends, my country overshadowed  tiny little fear of maths
this time i nailed it,  i think i did a descent job more importantly
gained my confidence back & no more ghost from past….yeyieeee

sometimes we must let go
let go our doubts, disbelieve and FEAR

all those stories and rumours stating pretty gals are bad at maths n blaah blahhh.. all those are real??? 
ohhh well i'm not saying anything, there may be slightest possibility that all these rumours are true... WINK!!!


  1. the kind of affection u shared with math,mine was with physics n with maths, it was in a smaller degree
    That is why I opted for commerce. But kudos to u girl! U managed to cope with the subject u detested the most!
    n the last line was cherry on the cake..;)
    yes all these rumours r true, i'm with u on that hahah

  2. if maths is for you - English is for me. I simply cant do with English. so do now. a language written and spoken differently. it is no gentle man's language as it has weird rules. thanks to Microsoft to invent word if not what a terrible life it would be for me.