Sunday, July 8, 2012

Cocktail Nostalgia

  “tumhi ho bandhu sakha tumhi”  cant stop humming this song.. great lyrics, great music by pritam, and reinvigorating video, i'm dying to watch cocktail, my last watch was shanghai, yet another sensible movie by deebakar banerjee.
Anyways, i'm filled with nostalgia as i miss watching movies in India, miss the whole experience, be it Vicco’s commercial, standing up for National Anthem or rushing to the food court to buy smaosas and popcorn as fast as possible in order to catch the first look of upcoming movies, watching movies in US is totally different, we are deprived of most fun part of movie experience ie undoubtedly interval/intermission at least for me, often during climax my mind is full of anxiety and my hands hovering over an empty bucket of popcorn when i most need them, SIGH.... i'm trying to get over this, will try not to finish all my popcorn before climax while i'm watching cocktail :0


  1. Hehehe!!! We take so many things for granted in India that are soooo much fun!!! remember you had to wait for 15 mins after the movie started for the ever late latiffs me and Miss Ray tougecutter when we went to see dostana!!! Also the endless stupid movies miss tougecutter used to drag us to see including bhootnath!!! OMG!!! But they were so much fun co we dint need the movie to be entertaining we carried our entertainment with us!!! I know what u must be missing there !!! I went to japan for 15 days and realised that our country has pathetic roads, no traffic sense , No discipline , no respect for fellow travellers space but also there is no loneliness and no life sucking silence!!! The weirdness of this country makes everything so funfilled and larger than life!!!

  2. its like I-hate-u like-I-Love-You with her :P
    well...about the loneliness & silence, u spoke my mind dear :(