Tuesday, December 18, 2012

I_Me_Marriage -Still afraid to LOVE

Nov 2010-8 A.M

I am already late for office…i have to deliver a report today…i don’t know what Preeti(my manager) is going to say…
Suddenly my phone rings and as always i cannot find it..
Ohhh god what if its Preeti??? its not mummy for sure, she never calls me this time…
Ohhh here it is.. what?? not again… Mr America calling
I am on talking terms with this guy, he sure doesn’t sound like a Typical-Indian-Boy-Searching-For-Bride, He is much cooler...
funny thing is i haven’t even seen his picture yet…

Me:   Hello
Him: Hey hi, how are you
Me:   Ohhh I’m good
Him: I know you must be getting ready for office and I’m disturbing you but
         I’ve figured out an amazing fact about us
Me:  What fact??
Him: You know what, We share our birthdays, the moment i came to know i couldn't stop myself  from 
          calling you
Me:   Really????? What a Coincidence

Same day 12 PM
 Is it for real??? This is strange, Is this some kinda Signal???
'Dil to pagal hai'- kinda signal
(now you know where do all this Bollywoodish thoughts come from.. duhhhh)

Dec 2010
I cant believe i’m sitting right in front of him, having 'so-called' dinner
There have been various awkward moments in my life but this one tops the list :D
I have so many question in my mind, should i ask him or should i wait for the food…arghhhhh..
Giving unfamiliar smiles is so stupid sometimes....
I better speak…
After a long session of a dumb-relevant-some-irrelevant questions
For the first time in my i was getting an answer
No matter how dumb or irrelevant my question was, i had an answer…

Part of me is still hesitant, what if this is an infatuation????


  1. I understand. When you are in love, nobody has to tell you. You just know it.

    May the spirit of Christmas be with you and those you love. I often wish this holiday was not so commercial or religious. I just like to see the lights and acknowledge friends and loved ones.

    I have been around a little bit. Going through a transition of some sorts myself. I have fallen in love with a Hindi girl from Delhi and it has been serendipitous. It also has been painful. I don't know what becomes of us.

    Now you know.


  2. Those hesitations, the best part at the beginning of a courtship. :)

  3. @ Bobby: heyy welcome back, its so nice to hear from you...I can understand what you are going through and i wish you
    All The Best, and off course i'll be more than happy to teach you some HIndi... :)
    @AVY: Always....btw welcome to mindBLOWING!!! hope you enjoyed reading :)

    @TS: Yess they are...thanks

  4. love the writing...pretty unique i must say...keep it up.