Thursday, December 13, 2012

my HEART & MIND!!!!

I have known them since ages
I have shared my times with them
They are part of me
Still so obscure
Still so strange
My Heart & Mind are hard to comprehend

I am no stranger to them
but every-time i converse with them
they seem so atypical and mysterious
My Heat & Mind always surprise me

Every-time i try to find  answers
they both have their own suggestions
Suggestions which are exactly opposite
Solutions which are equally viable
To settle with one of them seems like an unending procedure
My Heart & Mind always leave me pondering

I have been listening so much about decision making
I have always been taught to be logical
I have always been suggested to be practical
I find it very difficult to be so
Although i'm not proposing to be unrealistic either
I dont know how to get there
I have never know....
Over the years i have realized
there are very few moments when heart and mind go along
never let go those moments
for my Heart & Mind seldom concurs!!!!


  1. Dear follower friend iam hear to say thanks for all support…ur support my success…Keep writing & reading…waiting to hear more…good luck…GOD<3U

  2. there is always a fight between logic n emotions.....and things become difficult when emotions start dominating over logic or our emotions get supressed by logic, so there need to be a balance between heart and mind...though its not that easy.

    BTW well penned thoughts :)

  3. @ Abhi Das: thank you :)

    @ Irfanuddin: so true, thanks :)

  4. You got nice way with words.. you written very lovely.. Gud wishes!

  5. @Kochuravi: Hey glad you liked it...
    thank you, Keep visiting :)

  6. heart has its reasons that reason doesnt understand...
    i guess that explains it all...

  7. oh my God,, the realization,, liked t very much. keep scribbling

  8. I'm always in the middle of a war between my head and my heart. And that's what keeps me sane.

    +To Me It Matters+

  9. @Deeps: Thanks :)

    @Lishana: hey glad you liked it, Thank you, keep visiting :)

    @Aprad: feelings are mutual, thank you :)