Sunday, December 16, 2012

I_ME_Marraige - Afraid to LOVE...

flash-back - August 2010

Hmmmm what a hectic day…but deep down i’m satisfied after all, this is what i’ve been yearning for-  
my identity, my independence, my work..
i know its going to be tough for a girl like me, i might feel homesick, i have never been away from mummy and purva(sister) my entire life..still somewhere i am excited and looking forward to my new life in city of my dreams MUMBAI...
Some strange sound woke me up, it took me a while to realize that i’m not in my old room,  that its 7-30 am and i got to rush, this has happened several times with me i often talk to my self and while doing so unknowingly fall asleep
Well its going to be a big day today, my first ever meeting yuhuuuu..
       Days are passing by swiftly, i have been to my home town few days ago and i’ve already started missing home..
Home visits are directly proportional to a word called MARRIAGE, but this time it  was different more serious than ever
It feels like some new chapter has begun in my life, Chapter Of Marriage, i knew this would be coming but not so early....
I’m not sure not that i’ve never thought about it, but still this is not the right time i don’t want my career and marriage to collide
Like every other normal girl i've always had this rough idea of what kind of guy i would like to be with, but unlike every other normal girl my idea would change every week or day to say so, i might sound weird but from school to college to work i've met so many people some have impressed me, some were friendly, while some were desirous...
How on earth can one figure out given so many options.....
Unending Infatuations and Countless Crush!!!!!
Even if my 'Would-Be' crosses paths with me how am i going to know that he is the one
with thousands of questions on my mind i closed my eyes, in an anticipation of better tomorrow


  1. Nice writing and hope the hunt for prince charming ends sooon:)

  2. Thank You Rahul Bhatia, keep reading :)

  3. there is a time for everything...
    a time to fall in love and to tie the knot too :)
    until then enjoy the freedom in your dream city...

  4. Don't rush to marriage , not sweeter there , it calls for everything , you know what i mean . Meanwhile enjoy your youth , enjoy life , marriage will be there and can wait.

  5. @Deeps: thats true, there is a time for everything..but ultimately we need to make some decisions and that is what i did..

    @Angel: I used to think exactly like you till i met read last and final part of this series, thanks dear :)