Monday, October 22, 2012

critical ACCLAIM!!!

I’ve been so lazy lately and  one thing i hate about being lazy is that it makes me skip my workout, it feels good for a while(30 mins or so) but then i start feeling guilty and end up cursing myself

Nevertheless, i’ve finally managed to overcome this by joining a GYM 
(as i had mentioned in one of my post few days back that we have a huge gym right across the road)
 I’m going through all these tests, metabolic rate, heart rate, calorie count and what not..some are familiar but some stuff sounds foreign to me, i’m super excited as far as it concerns me,  i know right  :P and if everything works out according to the ‘plan’or rather i follow the plan i’ll get to see the lean new me..hummmm
 how and when i got addicted to  things like fitness, workout..humm that's a different story or post altogether :D
Anyways, who says only celebrities/stars have to deal with the critics
I think everyone of us has critics in one or the other form surrounding us
When was the last time you were criticized by your friend, relative or irritating neighboring aunties
I don’t know about others but i was, time and again i was criticized for what i wore, for being chubby and for numerous other things, 
Now when i look back at life i thank each and every person who bestowed me with all those unasked opinions and judgement.
People you showed me the way to a better, fitter me,
I think I’m my biggest critic now, and as far as critical acclaim is concerned
I still have a long way to go…

keep burning!!!!!!


  1. I have been a little chubby and I have also been underweight.

    It doesn't matter what other people say. You have to take care of yourself for YOURSELF.

    It is part of a healthy lifestyle to exercise. Don't get stuck in a rut, there are so many ways to exercise and so many paths to take.

    I would be long dead if I did not exercise.

    All part of a happy life.


  2. I completely agree with you Bobby, thanks :)

  3. Same happens with me and whenever i look into mirror I start feeling more guilty ,somehow my mind also starts snoozing up "NO GYM means Weight Gain" message after every 20 mins !!! -- Neha

  4. I know.. worst part is the guilt feeling, it kills me inside :P

    Thanks for stopping by babes :)

  5. well....
    i hope this doesnt mean you are failing to live n njoy life :P

  6. no ways i work hard and party harder :P

    thanks deeps!!!