Sunday, December 23, 2012

I_Me_Marraige- Not Afraid to Love....

Jan 2011
Still confused…          
My mind's very own territory -Confused-State-Of–Mind
Year 2011 has begun but in an unusual manner....
Suddenly, butterflies in stomach, being alone, listening to old romantic songs
Gazing at sky, long talks on phone, red roses, cute gifts, holding hands and every possible cheesy thing has started making sense to me....
But i’m still waiting for an affirmation from my mind and we decided to wait, to wait for one long year in order to test ourselves, test our love for each other…

Its been 6months now, Milind is not here but
I can still feel his presence….
I still wait for his call every morning…
I still have goose-bumps when his voice falls in my ears,
I still remember that evening how tears rolled down my cheeks when he was leaving….
I cant wait to see him again….
Sometimes a moment in your life makes you take life-time decisions, 
I now knew that this is my crucial moment that I'm not afraid to LOVE anymore.....


Dec 2012

If life is a journey then I would say I’ve just embarked on mine,
days-months and a Year
Year of Togetherness,
Year of Happiness,
A Year full of Surprises,
A Year of Knowing and Understanding each other
A Year of few Arguments
A Year of few Alterations
I wish to spent such countless years with You…

Happy Anniversary to US!!!!!!


  1. Wonderful post! Cheers to you both and...since you are here I hope the spirit (Not the retail or hyper religious part) is with you and those you love.


  2. superb and lovely
    congratulations and wish you both a very happy Christmas & peaceful and prosperous New Year

  3. That's sweet. Wishing you a Happy Anniversary and season's greetings.

    +To Me It Matters+

  4. @Deeps: Thank you very much...and Wishing you the same!!!!!!!

    @Aprad: Thank you dear...Wish you a very Happy New Year :)

  5. Lovely.

    Congratulations on your Anniversary. Wish you a lot of Happiness along. :)

    Take Care and a Happy New Year :)

  6. Hey Thank you :)
    Welcome to mindBLOWING!!!
    HAppy New Year

  7. Happy , Happy anniversary to both you !! God bless you both !!