Thursday, October 25, 2012

BazZZzinGa Moment!!!!!

My first award!!!!!!!

Dum Daaaa Diiii Daaaa…

I almost feel like some celebrity chased by paparazzi…aaahhhhh
Or I feel like playing for the 'Koffee Hamper' on koffee with Karan  ahem ahem!!!!!
Before I'm lost in my dream world,
Let me  thank Ani from  Absolutely Not Sure ! who nominated mindBLOWING for this award, 

1. What makes you blog?
I scribble a lot.. last pages of my notebooks are always filled with some random words, my name, songs, poems etc,
Now that I have all the time in the world for myself, blogging has become most ideal thing to do

2. Which part of your life inspires you the most?
    My Mother..she is and always be an integral part of my life.

3. Who is your fav author
     Dan Brown, Paulo Coehlo, Stephen Covey, Ashwin Sanghi, and the list goes on...

4 Which day is most memorable for you?
   Ahhh there are so many, but a day spent exactly according to me is memorable for me.

5.Which song best describes you?
   I guess i have a song for every phase of my life, but yes i often listen to the title song form movie     Rangeela and can totally relate to it.

6. If given which would be your last wish
   To be recognized (in a good way) by people other than my family and relatives.

7. What makes you feel blessed?
    My family.

8. Beaches or Mountains?
    I love both but as we have been to beach recently i would say mountains,
    M i hope you are reading this one :P

9. Your fav item in closet?
    Right now, its my new Black Blazer.
10. Your Most desired b'day gift?
      A looong vacation with my family.

11.How much you loved this award?
     I'm so much in love with my award... ohhh its been 3days now and i'm like
     i got an award yessss i got an award yuhuuuuuu,
     ahem ahem well, i better stop now  :P :P

 11 random facts about me... 
1. I’m momma’s girl.. 
2. I like to dream, irrespective of day or night,
3.  A movie freak, I just cant afford to miss any trailer though, would rather miss a movie, duhhhh
4.  I like reading/watching Indian Mythology, Mahabharata being my all time fav epic
5. I like to engage myself in any kind of craft work
6.  A TV addict, i can watch anything and everything on TV all day long,
   ( mostly advertisements chat shows, interviews, behind the scenes, making of a song/movie etc)
7. I hate Maths
8. I love to workout, I love my gym,
9. An introvert, and a confused soul
10. Ardent Shah-Rukh-Khan fan 
11. A morning person, I start off like a robot, and by the end of the day i act like 90 year oldduhhh!!!

As per rules i have to nominate (new) blogs/bloggers for the same award who in turn have to answer the same questions 

My Nominations are :) :)

Congratulations Guys!!!!!


  1. Congrats to you. You deserve to be recognized.

    I hope this message finds you well. Considering you are land locked it is a good thing you like the mountains.

    I love the energy that you bring to this post.

    Cheers and congrats!


  2. Thank u so much!! U made me remember that i have a blog too which has not been logged in since ages,,..
    I'm super excited that my blog has been given an very first award!!!
    I'll surely take some time out n answer the questions by writing a post...
    Thanks once again..u made my day!