Monday, October 8, 2012

vision BEYOND!!!!

 Even though I chat daily with my mom through skype-my lifesaver, we find very little time for our story session, she still somehow manages to tell me one or two every single month
Her narration has such an impact on me that everytime i listen to her, i am all pumped up
She can get you out of that couch in minutes, believe me…

Literacy and Education are two different things I believe
It is not at all necessary for a person to be literate, to be able to survive in this world, 
for, how big a school or university might be
The real lessons of survival are demonstrated in the outer world

Why does a local vegetable vendor knows more about selling than that of some sales/marketing grad from a reputed institution (mostly)
maybe former will not be able to make as much money as the later
That’s where Literacy comes in picture, awareness and methodology
But, isn’t it unfair on the part of vendor, that he is deprived of better living just because he is illiterate or does not posses a piece of paper called- degree certificate

More than anyone a Man thought about this years ago
Sanjit Bunker Roy, is an Indian social activist and educator
He earned his master's degree in English. He became an Indian national Champion in Squash for three years, also representing India internationally in the sport. He then decided to devote himself to social service, to the shock of his parents. 
Bunker Roy, Born to a wealthy Indian family, received what he describes as a "very snobby, elitist, expensive education," which he believes imparts arrogance without providing the kind of practical knowledge needed in poor villages.
In 1972 he founded the Barefoot college in Tilonia, Rajasthan, India. It is a SOLAR-POWERED school that teaches illiterate men & women from impoverished Indian villages to become doctors, architects, solar engineers etc, there are now 20 such colleges in 13 sates of India
The college has adopted Gandhian  (Mahatma Gandhi's) ideas into its lifestyle and work ethics, holding its true and relevant universally even in 21st century

Barefoot Approach:

  • Where the teacher is the learner and learner a teacher;
  • Where everyone is expected to keep an open mind, try new and crazy ideas, make mistakes and try again
  • Where even those who have no degrees are welcome to work and learn
  • Where no certificates, degree or diplomas are given

Barefoot Methodology:

  • Solar Energy: Placing the fabrication, installation, usage, repair and maintenance of solar lighting units in the hands of rural, illiterate and semi literate men and women

  • Rain Water Harvesting: Construction of underground water tanks and small tanks, which helps to preserve ground water by creating alternative sources of water.

There are several such barefoot methodologies.....
I was stunned to see their website, the amount and quality of work done by so called rural illiterate people is  exceptional.

If this is what one man's idea of giving back to the society has shaped into, then such an idea is worth spreading and definitely worth an execution...

I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something I can do.

Edward Everett Hale 

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  1. ManaNmind,

    Of course you also recognize this as marketing genius at its highest level. Open source learning and mutual inclusion is beautiful on many levels.

    We are all bound together as human beings by the fragile thread of our humanity. Those who are more fortunate are responsible for the less fortunate.

    Wonderful post.


  2. @ TS thank you..

    @Bobby yeaah true... but not all those who are more fortunate think about those who are less fortunate!!!!
    Thanks Bobby :)

  3. high time, we started everything all over from grass root level…
    yes, there is no point in pointing our fingers at others, change n progress should begin from me…

  4. WOw! :) that is an interesting post!
    and of course i agree with you on marketing skills! ;) some people just learn get to learn the 'Practical' way.. :P