Thursday, August 23, 2012

a HERO dies!!!!

On August 5, 2012, mass shooting took place at a Sikh Temple in Oak Creek, Wisconsin, with a single gunman killing six people and wounding four others.The gunman, Wade Michael Page, shot several people at the temple, including a responding police officer. After being shot in the stomach by another officer, Page fatally shot himself in the head.

One man Satwant Singh Kaleka,65, fought back with all his strength and a simple butter knife with a man almost half his age carrying loaded weapons,
Satwant Singh’s four minute long and dreadful encounter with the gunman saved about 300-340 lives
when his son learned about this massacre he was not surprised by his fathers’s courageous act, nor were any of his relatives amazed,
for they were well-aware of the fact that he would do whatever it takes to save his people, his temple..
according to his relatives, he has always been like this, he would help his community or for that matter anyone in need, he was always a call away.

After coming to USA in 1982 with mere $35,
Satwant Singh Kaleka help found this temple in 1997 for nearly400 families in local Sikh community, he lead a very simple life, for him no job was too small

Satwant Singh Kaleka is and always remain an inspiration for the next generation

Is there a hero within everyone of us, well that’s the question we need to ask ourselves,
But, if we are able to give back/contribute at least half of what we have received from our Society that would probably make us a good and a responsible human being…


  1. I am very saddened by the whole event. I know that Sikhs are wonderful peaceful people. It makes me very sick to think that these folks were attacked.

    *I am western and even have a Kara for my arm that I wear time and again*

    A hero is someone who was braver than the rest of us for 5 minutes. He was a hero and will always be a hero.

    Hope all is well.


  2. Such destructive minds often end up killing innocent people, disturbing harmony of our society, wonder whats their motive behind all this..
    Nice to know that you wear a kara, and respect all relegion/people other than yours. Thanks bobby.

  3. I have friends from all walks of life and believe that our maker has spoken to us through many vectors. There is beauty in most religion if you look closely. I get spooked by zealots and unfortunately ignorance can be deadly in any part of the world.

  4. that would bring back the memories of jallianwala bagh... the difference being this time around here is a valiant attempt by a Sikh to prevent the carnage...
    hopefully, this incident will not further trigger any bloody episodes

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  6. Glad to hear from you and thanks for your suggestion!!