Tuesday, August 28, 2012

how i met a Bindaas Bong

(Bindass Bong here refers to a Bold Bengali Girl)

My first day at office was a replica of my first day at school/college,
the only difference being i was away from my home town,
which was probably first time ever for me, 
Like everyone else i too had many preconceived notions about Mumbai
My mind was  inundated with Pre-Mumbai-Thoughts, 
for me this journey to Mumbai was as good as a desert (chocolate brownie yum-yum) after a nice & tasty meal, you want to savor its taste as long as it lasts....

I saw her at our orientation session, petite, hair tightly tied, calm,she had those trademark Bengali eyes
I don’t know if she had noticed me till then, but me being an observer was busy scrutinizing everyone present in the room, ummmm i was attentive towards the lecture too, am i a muti-tasker or what
I never tried to initiate any conversation with her, neither did she
But fortunately/unfortunately we were put together in a batch for technical training
I remember our very first conversation, which was about finding an apartment in Mumbai.
as we began chatting i realized that we had so much in common, love for movies, love for FRIENDS
(T.V. series), and she too was a gym maniac like me wow...

The joy of finding someone with similar frequency and that too in a totally strange city is boundless
 I was wrong about one thing though… she was anything but calm,
she was bold, flamboyant, fearless
she was ambitious and lived life on her own terms
she was difficult and moody at times
yet an adorable and a valuable friend 
it is truly said that all the big things come in small packages!!!

I would admire her, at times I would hate her, but altogether i was happy,
Since there are very few moments in life where you do not have to pretend, you can let go, and 
show off your crazy side to someone who is as crazy as you

But i guess our friendship was not meant to last forever,
i am still not able to figure out what went wrong, 
However, Life should go on and so shall I
I've buried all those fun-memories in some corner of my mind, 

Although we are not on talking terms,
I wish I could tell her that I have never met a girl like you,
that she is and always be a Bindaas Bong for me

"I've learned that things change, people change, and it doesn't mean you forget the past or try to cover it up. It simply means you move on and treasure the memories. Letting go doesn't mean giving up, it means accepting that some things weren't meant to be."


  1. You need to reach out to her and remind her that the door is always open to her and she will always be welcome in your life.

    Keep reaching out. Beautiful story. You must always reach out and keep the door open...


  2. i know i should, i'll def giv it a try..

    thanks bobby..

  3. Just a function of open communication. After reading this note it strikes me that you love your friend. I think if that message is imparted then the frost will melt instantly. Friends are the family you make for yourself.

    Keep us posted on your effort.

  4. beautiful…
    reading your first lines I thought you were upto something else… but from your resembling school days and pre-convictions of Mumbai, you had something ardent to disclose… some friends do remain in our hearts irrespective of what has happened between us… life is like that
    and how beautiful it will be if things could be the same again between you both :)

  5. ahhh.... i wish life had an UNDO button...

    thanks deeps :) :)

  6. Nice story on a phase of life, that u could still recollect and cherish. Hum... a past is a past, whether we like it or not, some memories ever last... the way u described the moment with her is so beautiful!

    Cheers :)

  7. Thanks Jeevan... glad u liked it!!!!

  8. Well , a big conclusion to be made, no bong,marwadi and a typical maharashtrian to be kept under a roof!!!!! (alarming situation)
    as if , you cant place a dynamite in a neutralizer like water ,apply a matchstick beleiving that it will work :)

  9. :P :P good one yaar PuRU... Our room was about to explode :D