Thursday, August 9, 2012


I never thought someday i would spend  my evenings watching soccer, NBA, Olympics
May be that’s the marriage effect people talk about, big transition :O
 Roger Federar, Novak Djokovic, Lebron James, Cristiano Ronaldo..
 i was familiar of these names,6months post marriage and i'm actually watching them play,
there were times when i used to detest sports channel (expect channel showing cricket)
but now the times have changed, since two days i'm literally glued to television set, not missing single Olympic event, and i'm thankful to M for rekindling long lost sport love in me
as a toddler i would eagerly wait for my summer holidays just to join my swimming classes...
Yesterday i saw Michael Pheles most decorative Olympian ever winning his 22nd gold medal, Missy Franklin winning her first ever gold medal & Rebecca Soni setting world record at London Olympics 2012.
WOW i feel like swimming again!!!! 

Point is our country lacks amount of prominence, esteem, prestige these countries have for sports,
We see sports as an activity, even parents do not encourage children to opt sports as their carrer
In India students have to choose between sports and academics

I’m not denying the fact that our country has produced some of the best sportspersons
Dhyan Chand, Milkha Sing, P.T Usha, Sachin Tendulakar,Viswanathan Anand,Leander Paes, Mahesh Bhupati.... are to name a few
Hatts off to these player, they have made us proud,
But Emotions apart, is that all we expect from India
India 7th largest by area, 2nd most populous country with worlds biggest democracy, despite this India is remarkable among the nations for having won very few Olympic medals
 when it comes to sports we have handful of sportsperson coping with minimal amenities, rock bottom scope & exposure, lack of equipments & infrastructure

on a positive note,
youths like Vijendra singh, Sania Miza, Saina Nehwal, Sushil Kumar, Mary kom have ignited  our hopes and transformed the present sports scenario.
we are proud of you!!!

but, all this coming from a novice like me felt bit wired,  
deep down i had this constant feeling that i'm writing all this just for the sake of it
which made me feel dubious about this post, to publish or not to publish
huhhhhhhh but Later this evening i decided to hit the publish button
following 4-5 lines gave me the courage to do so

work towards my fitness goals
definitely take swimming more seriously
Try my best to spread awareness amongst parents, 
 to begin with- I’ll encourage all my relatives, cousins, friends 


  1. How about cricket? Has marriage done anything on that?

    Like in every events the expected disappoints more… but good to see 4 medals in the tally

    by the way, keep writing on sporting events...

  2. ha ha...both of us love cricket, there are war like situations during IPL though :0

    yeahh, expectations were high from Abhinav Bindra & Vijendra Singh this time,
    something is better than nothing... :(

  3. Good post. There is a balance in the US between athletics and being a great student. Many of these athletes are also stellar students. If you notice our women have really shined which speaks to the reality of opportunities for them. Perhaps I am most proud of this statement to the world.All places have their strengths and weakness.


  4. Yes we do have our own strengths & weakness,
    currently we are reigning world cricket champions, and i'm sure a day will come when we shall shine at Olympics...

    thanks Bobby :)