Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Once upon a time...


Once upon a time there was a confused-little momma's gal
She would stalk her mother almost everywhere, 
life without mom seemed impossible to her, 
outside-world to her was one monstrous place,
She would observe things around her
some would inspire her, some would bother her, some would amuse her,
while some left her spellbound...

She was shy yet opinionated, confused yet logical, quite yet affable
what-so-ever she kept it to herself..
But as she grew up, her perception changed
She met new people, she made new friends
World to her no-longer appeares strange & cruel
Now she had one thing on her mind,
All her life she had waited for this moment
Moment which renderes sense of independence
Moment which renderes self hood
Moment which made her believe that she can survive in this world all alone
It wasn’t a cakewalk, but she got through
Now she would gaze the sky as if she owns a part of it,
She would feel the breeze as it was customized for her
She lived every bit of this moment
But, as they say happy-moments are short-lived...

Ever-so-often life compels everyone to make a choice
She did make a choice of letting go her most cherished moment,
This is a new beginning for her, she is pleased, delighted
But still longs for her piece of sky, longs for the breeze, longs for her identity
for now she has an uncertain hiatus ahead of her.... despite this
she would never let go her dreams, her ambitions
For she believes, she shall live her moment again, anew, afresh.....



  1. Beautiful. You will always be Momma's girl. I am certain of this and she will cheer for you as you continue to grow.

  2. nw dis is wen in a real sense i cn say

  3. Yes such moments seems to be a fleeting reality….
    but again living the foresight of reaching such a goal can be really motivating… so wait to live anew, afresh…

  4. by the way, ur latest post is inaccessible