Sunday, August 19, 2012

bye bye Virginia...

P.S: this is more like describe-Virginia-in-short sorta post
so all the busy/working people can just scroll through
while all gotta-do-a-lot-but-rite-now-at-leisure kinda people-please read it 

Moving truck is standing right beneath our apartment
Movers are busy wrapping all our stuff,
Mover Guy: Ma’am we have 8 boxes, please do check them and make sure you label every box
Me: blankly shook my head
Wondering what should I label a box with
not only every object is acquired by us, but also each has a story/memory adhered to it
every object reminds me of our long discussions, looking for offers, coupons/sales, deciding the color schemes, patterns, excursions to ikea or other furniture stores,
and the toughest part was to carry the furniture all the way to 4th floor, phewww

our house is totally empty now,
it takes me back to
my first day in our house, first day in Virginia, first day in the USA
Its been only 6months and i’m in love with this place,

i'm not too sure about what makes Virgina so special to me,
may be our very first memories together, may be the kind of warmth, welcome i received from M’s friends, or pleasing surroundings...
what-so-ever, Virginia will always be home away from home for me

bidding adieu to...
  Reston Town Centre   

    shoppers paradise, high-spirited crowd, amazing food 

South Lakes
  It is believed that Virginia is for lovers, sure it is 

pani-puri ( yummy-Indian snack)
    weekend special-pani-puri, nothing beats Indian Chaat *slurp slurp*
        lush green foliage, soothing climate, not too hot, not too cold
last but not the least, our friends, bunch of awesome people
I’ll miss you guys

                                                      This is mananmind signing off from Virginia
                                                   Looking forward to Kansas City, fingers crossed!!!!



  1. Is that a poet’s way of saying bye bye to Virginia …
    no no,,, there is some paani puri.. party.. candles at the bottom…
    let the new city welcome you receptively

  2. he he, yaaa i hope so... thanks deeps :)

  3. Good Luck in KC. My daughter goes to Mizzou in Missouri....Kansas City is full of very nice Midwestern people. You will love it...

  4. Thanks bobby :) i hope I will love it here
    ohh my husband graduated from mizzou too..

  5. Yep Mizzou. She got a full scholarship! My other daughter is at George Mason. I get to pay for that! Both are doing well...

  6. congratulations & best wishes to both your daughters!!!!