Wednesday, September 5, 2012

primitive LIVING!!!!!!

Moving/Shifting has always been a fun experience for me, since i always look forward to new beginnings, new people, new cities, but moving all the way from Virginia to Kansas wasn’t a cake walk, emotionally as well as physically
According to me, moving has two phases packing and unpacking, 
packing being the easy one and i’m spared from the horror of unpacking for a week or two
Since this was pretty much my first individual moving experience, before this all i had to do was to take care of my things but now its our things, our kitchen, our clothes, our documents… responsiblitieszzzz.. sometimes I hate being a grown-up.
However, we were so happy with the fact that we have packed everything right,  our only concern was to find an appropriate place to live, and within no time we managed to find one
(BTW, i'm loving my new house, and super-excited as we have a huge gym right across the road..yeyyyy)
On the other hand i was perturbed with the certainty that i have to survive without Wifi/television/phone for more than a week, 
It never occurred to me that there are things besides these which could be more important
As days are passing by i’ve realized that there is nothing like home-cooked food, i was so sick and tired of eating out, that for a day i was literally cutting vegetables with the help of spoon, i truly felt like an inventor or something like that, the feeling didn't last for long though :P
 errr... .. as i told you- 'we packed everything'  even a knife :P :(
Another important thing we forgot to take with us was a comforter/sleeping bag
no marks for guessing… our backs are in a very bad i know one of the reasons behind a wonderful and an energetic day is def a sound sleep
So everyday i would figure out something as minor as a pen, scissors, a charger, an iron board, a cushion has such a major importance in our lives

Thus in a nutshell, wherever we go, no matter how big or small we are.. in the long run our basic needs are the same, same old Food, Shelter & Clothing (Roti, Kapda Aur Makaan) 

As far as life without wifi is concerned, its more relaxing and peaceful
rather than stalking people on facebook i engage myself reading a good book,
M now allocates more time for my jibber jabbar since there is no PS3
one of the serious transformation being 'Early to Bed Early to Rise' as we are devoid of television which means late night movies/ T.V. series
Although, all these days i've missed blogging, and reading my fav blogs a lot :)

“We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us really happy is something to be enthusiastic about”


  1. Great post! I am sure you will explore and enjoy your environment very soon. Amazing too is what little we need to be happy in the moment. I have to confess a good night's sleep is always necessary.


  2. Thanks bobby...and i have to confess that your previous comment kinda pushed and inspired me to write this one :)

    1. Well, it is entertaining! And another good post!

  3. and what matters is you are loving your new house n surrounding :P