Wednesday, October 3, 2012

second CHANCE...

From schooling-to-college-to-job
life has been busy, preoccupied with several thoughts, diligently working towards goals, making plans some well executed some failed, some left halfway
school days were spent in an anticipation of college days while college days in an anticipation of job, not to forget all the fun.  

Everyday had something new to offer- excitement, challenges, disputes, disagreements, learning, fooling around, the ups and downs...
The phase where one looses all hopes and wants to give up so bad, 
followed by a moment of achievement, a moment of success which fades away the slightest memory of pain, those days of agony, as if they never existed.

All these years i seldom had alone time, with so much going on, I could barely make time for my activities (Gym,collectibles,scrapbooks)
Since last 8months, Life seems like a vacation, vacation with lots of responsibilities though, errrrrr
I have learned things about myself i never knew before
for the record i never knew i could cook,  
And now that i have all the time in the world, I workout, I write yeayyy, I sleep…
But there are times when i get depressed, as i want this vacation to end sometime soon now,
I am waiting for my second chance
Second chance to study, Second chance to work, Second chance to learn new things, Second chance to grow...

I am edgy, I am confident
I am anxious, I am patient
I am hopeful, I am wretched
Are there any more adjectives to describe my emotions, I guess no…

Waiting spans are so excruciating, we don’t know what’s on the other Ughhhhhh
If its good I want this time to end right now and if its bad I want this span to continue…

Am I suffering from the Grass-Is-Greener-On-Other-Side-Syndrome :O :O


  1. :) Happens to all of us. When I'm loaded with work, I want to take a break and when I have nothing to do, I want to have something to do. Our species seldom seeks satisfaction in what they have.

    Why are you waiting for your second chance anyway? Start now.

  2. yeaahhh exactly... well, have applied to universities and waiting for the results, fingers crossed :)

    Thanks TS :)

  3. Ahhh go for a run, discover something new and enjoy the things that make you happiest. Stress never cares if you are stressed.


  4. @TS: thanks sweetie..

    @Bobby: hmmmm..and you know what, you are so right about the running thing, makes me feel awesome!!!!
    thanks Bobby

  5. life is like that with a loads of ups n downs…a lot to learn, so much we want to forget yet cant erase from memories…lots of worries yet full of delights… and then the moments we think, ohhh I should have opted for that than this… like other’s plate that we didn’t order has tastier stuff to eat :P
    I m with u on this haha

  6. Only if we don't have much to do, we will explore and realize what we want to do! You don't have to get back to a 9-5 job in order to work. You can even start a small enterprise of your own...

    Destination Infinity

  7. @deeps: thank god m not the only one, someone's with me :P

    @destination Infinity:this is just the right time for me to explore...thanks for your suggestion :)

  8. Never let any happy time down just like never let an opportunity go!!..Life will be full of chances..never would u being so away from work/study ..never would u have known yourself so better ..So right now just enjoy what u doing & I know u r doing the best by penning down your mind :) - Neha

  9. It feels great when friend like you cares, suggests and feels that i'm doing good by penning down my thoughts :) :)
    Thanks Dear!!!