Friday, September 28, 2012

I Want Everything...Everything I cant Have!!!!

Why?? Why am i attracted to things i cant have

why am i curious to meet people i cannot ever meet
why am i inclined to do things i probably can never do
Is this a kind of temptation? am i an unsatisfied soul? i don’t know

And if one fine day, out of the blue all my wishes are fulfilled
Then what will be my reaction, i will be happy, very happy...
Will i start taking things for granted and don’t value them anymore
Will i start working on my wish list all over again, may be...
So the point is everyone has a wish list, some are open about it while some hide it but there is no harm in having one
As far as you are well aware of your dos and don’ts, and you know where to draw a line, you can wish for anything and everything present on this planet.

Every time i wish for something, i make sure i say this to myself
I am happy with my Life and I will never complain..
ummm... well i complain sometimes, but this is a normal human trait isn’t it unless i turn into a saint some day :p

I am one of those who hide there wish list, but the other day, M asked me about my wish list and it really got me thinking, i started penning down things and its bizarre but it made me feel contented
I could imagine myself living my fantasies, 
Just in case any one's feeling gloomy or you've got some time to kill try making a wish list.


  1. A wish list helps indeed. And the joy you feel if some of your wishes comes true is an unbelievable feeling. :)

  2. haha... aree yaar..
    i am not attracted to things but one thing...

    life is like that

  3. Well you know a life well lived is one where you pursue your dreams and wishes. Some don't come true but others are even better than you imagined. I have been very fortunate in my life and looking back I can see where all of my achievements started from my wish list.

    Follow your dreams....make it happen.


  4. I am happy with my Life and I will never complain..
    perfect thought
    but very difficult to follow it

  5. difficult but worth to follow :)
    Thanks SM..