Friday, September 14, 2012

One LazZZzzY Day!!!

Sooo I’m done being poetic and philosophical
I mean its pretty tiring...

I woke up this morning, and believe me its not my fault
I may be wrong but It was something about this morning,
although i’m not saying that i wake up with the very first alarm ring,
but this morning was different, it was cloudy, bit chilly and then it started raining, conclusion: It was a lazy morning
I personally feel that rains brings out  lazy side of me, i don’t feel like doing anything expect sitting on my couch reading a nice book or watching a good movie or F.R.I.E.N.D.S and sipping some hot coffee….
But then there are times when you need to remind yourself that you are not on a vacation, and its not a weekend either *sigh *
so i jumped out of my bed grumbling, did my homely tasks, cooking cleaning etc.
At last my cribbing came to an end, I peeped out of my window and it was raining, i thought i had a chance of being little lazy, out of laziness i skipped my lunch, i just didn’t want to use or rather waste any of my energy there
how stupid is that, who does that grrrrrr!!!!!
Anyways one glance at my couch, my old cozy comfortable couch, i missed you bad, very bad, (situations where you get to see your furniture after 3weeks can lead to such emotional outbursts)
I quickly placed all the needy things within my reachable diameter, you know why, right...
Hopping over my couch with remote-control in one hand, while coffee in another felt divine, and supreme, i was literally laughing at myself, but at the same time this day was a breather, it has completely rejuvenated me and prepared me for tomorrow...hummmm 
i know i know i'm not at all bragging about my laziness, all i want to say is 
Take some time off, Go easy on yourself, Relax... 


  1. blame it on the rains... haha...
    (but who would like to leave the warmth of bed on a rainy mng?!!) :P

  2. Always good to take a day off isn't it?


  3. @deeps: Yaaaa we can play 'Blame Games' once in a while :P

    @ Bobby: Ohhh it is great!!!!!

  4. You are not alone when it comes to rainy days and feeling a little lazy.Who doesn't like to just chill once in a while in the busy life,eh? :)
    Btw Lovely blog.Here to stay :)

  5. Thanks a ton Ani...means a lot to me :)

  6. Yes that is what most of us require from time to time. Some time off from the daily race.

  7. Exactly...Thanks for stopping by Haddock!!!!

  8. truely described "The salient features of a cancerian":p
    that cute little cat yawning reminds me of YOU loitering around in search of the coziest place nearby!!!;)

  9. totally, who knows me better than you sister :P