Tuesday, September 11, 2012

phases of LIFE!!!!

This particular evening for some strange reasons takes me a year back,
same day, same time, similar eve…
I was so dedicated to my work, that i refused to go out for a movie (me saying no for a movie is a big thing) with my friends since i had to complete some report not that it was urgent or something like that, but somewhere i was obsessed with my work and it meant world to me, but the very same year my work took a back seat with all those wedding bells ringing in my head :)
May be i was ready to enter the next stage of my life or it was time for a change, may be i had fallen badly for Mr. M  :P
Whatever might be the reason one thing is clear our desires alter from time to time
During childhood playing, watching  cartoon network or eating chocolates are probably the most important things to do
While adolescence is all about dilemma, feelings, contradictions,
As we grow up, our priorities change, our perception are renewed, our views broaden, but this is not the end of it, being a grown up doesn’t mean that we stop undergoing changes, in fact its even more troublesome, not only because  we are responsible for the decision we take but also because of the fact that As we grow our understanding of particular things matures as a result we search for better options which leads to nothing but more confusions
The more the merrier is not always true, ummm at least for me...

So the point is,we are constantly undergoing transitions....
some of which are planned while some are unplanned, wherein willingly or unwillingly we need to change our identities and adapt ourselves accordingly, during this process we often experience an emotional turmoil..
One thing we need to keep in mind is
'The only thing constant in life is CHANGE'

  • Believe in yourself
  • Work on short-term goals
  • Make a plan
  • At this stage do not expect too much, be prepared for failures,
  • You cannot give up now, experiment with your plan, put it to action until it works for you
  • Enjoy the moment, appreciate your achievement
  • keep learning, keep growing!!!!


  1. That is wise. I once heard a man talk about "what is real?" He said "that which doesn't change".

    Heck I have been through several different bodies in my life. Baby, child, adolescent, High School, College and all the way to my current body which keeps changing.

    On failure. I can say this for certain. It is just a word and being a musician I can promise you that I fail way more than I am successful in learning a new piece of music.

    Humbling but it all works out perfectly in the end.


    I just hope I am real but by that definition I may not meet the criteria.

  2. Well... you said it all!!!

    thanks bobby :)

  3. Wind of change is blowing…and yes change is the only constant thing …
    And I would summarize your list with the last two points. I guess that will suffice to keep us young, happy n healthy