Thursday, September 6, 2012

through her WINDOW!!

Through her window she would see
kids playing and having fun
she would crave to play with them
when asked, they would say she was too small to play with them..

Through her window she would see bright blue sky and birds chirping around
she would always dream of flying with them
she asked if she could ever fly like them
they replied every girl has to fly one day
she still awaits that day...

Through her window she would see two people deeply in love
she would see their attachment, she would feel the warmth
she would often ask about them
but they said love was not meant for everyone
that path of love is paved with pain, tears & sacrifice,
that true love is hard to find...

Through her window she would see people running after their dreams
she would see people working hard to achieve their goals
she too was passionate about her dreams, she too had goals
she too was desirous to shape her own identity
when asked they suggested it was time for her to follow the convention
and that she shall achieve all the success some day
she still awaits that day...

Through her window she would observe all the transformation
she would see changing trends,
deep within she yearns for this transformation,
she wants to follow all these trends
when asked they said she should concentrate on her responsibilities
it was time for her serve selflessly rather than being selfish..

she no more sits besides her window
she no more indulge herself in stargazing
she no more observes the outside world
she no more asks questions
when asked about her, they say
She has not done anything remarkable all her life..


  1. Well Hell's Bells that can change starting TODAY!

    That poem was beautiful and let me tell you that you do not have to sit inside and stare out any longer.

    Tell me without thinking too much WHAT is it you would like to do. So what do you want to make of your one precious life? You are in America now and this is a place where dreams become a reality.

    Perhaps motherhood is on the table BUT you can still be a concert pianist or a rocket scientist or a ballerina or a badminton star. is the day. Where do you start?

    Today. Set your mind in motion. Today...

    Did I say Today? Yes, I mean it too.


  2. heyyy bobby thanks a lott :)

    but just to tell you, this poem is not about me,
    its about women in general and that too from 60's or 70's

    i guess this was bit too feminist... thanks anyways!!!

  3. Whoops, you know what? That is great news. I was worried. Now I don't have to.

    *sigh of relief*

    Have a great weekend,

  4. :0 :0 ... thanks for your concern!!!!

    Happy Weekend,tc

  5. Looks like new home n surroundings are giving you fresher air to make you better imaginative and more poetical :P
    she seems to have opened another window

  6. heart touching!!!! wonderfully written
    it is well said " give a thought and you can make a change"

  7. @deeps may be :P
    @Puru thanks dear