Saturday, February 9, 2013

Sh*t HAppens!!!!

Excuse me for the language ppl but can i just get it out,
Life is one bumpy ride, it comes with all sorts of uninvited twists and turns
Ask me about it- yaaahannn
well i know i'm not the only one, every one has their own customized way to bi**ch about life
and this is my way *cruel smile*
For past 3months i was longing for this day 7th feb 2013,
sitting at home, i almost cut myself from the world,  our living room is turned into my study room, with papers and books lying around, poor M does not come home for lunch anymore for my convenience, Our dinner includes two kinds of delicacies  EGGS and MAGGIE
I was all set to write a happy-happy post bragging little bit about my achievement and stuff like that *ahem ahem* and here i am boring you all with my not-so-happy-post :(
I have not been to GYM, now this is worse, i try to hide myself by 3-4 layers of clothing thanks to winters-i still look normal
My disheveled appearance is killing me, Nevertheless i am happy, this is going to end soon and i will be back to my normal clean and healthy life with lots of yummy food but NOOO.....
Good things never come easy, if they come easy they are not good enough
something similar happened with me, my most awaited moment just went by because of some technical error *BOOM*
stunned, annoyed, sad i didn't know how to react
By the end of the day i was tired of screaming and whining and had to face the reality- This will go-on for few more days.
But whats life without a little DRAMA right!!!!!


  1. life and drama go hand in hand
    thoughtful question
    what is life without drama

  2. I hope it gets better. But yes, shit happens! ALL THE TIME!

    ∞ © ∞

  3. Unexpected things happen... Thats life...

  4. yesss totally!!!
    Welcome to Mindblowing

  5. Bad times only come to make you realize how good the other times are!
    Take Care :)

  6. Life can be tricky Mana. Hope things get better soon.(This too shall pass)

  7. Life just wouldn't be the same without a little drama :)

  8. @Tanvi: good to know that it happens with everyone, thanks :P
    @aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar: thank you :)
    @ Purple: thats true indeed, thanks dear :)
    @Z: Thanks for your concern :)
    @Optimistic Existentialist: Yeahhh totally :)

  9. thats such a great post...
    i like people who give vent to their angry without hurting others :)

  10. but some drams is necessary right??
    because nobdy's gonna remenber the boring moments...;)
    a l'il bit of spice is a must...:D
    keep writing and do have a look at my blog..;)

  11. that is absolutely true...
    thank you :)