Friday, February 22, 2013

Love is Friendship???

I have grown-up watching movies like My Best Friend's Wedding, When Harry Met Sally, Maine Pyaar Kiya, kuch Kuch hota hai -where best friends, who have known each other for years fall in love.

No matter how much i love watching Julia Roberts fighting for her love or Monica & Chandler getting married with each other, i can never imagine this happening or at least not with me
I never knew what is Love, but i was sure that Love is not Friendship, that Love and Friendship are two different things up until i met M, i wont say that he is my best friend but yes i share almost everything with him, Does that mean Love is Friendship???
Of all the existing relations Friendship is the only relation created by us with someone like us or  someone unlike us, there is no logic, no methodology to befriend somebody, it just happens and we rarely remember the initial conversations,
Love on the other hand makes us wise and adaptable,
the only relation where one is always ready to yield, where following is more valuable than leading
where one does not undergo sufferings all alone.....
I can never resolve whether Love is Friendship, but one thing is inevitable,
Love has a trace of Friendship and Friendship has a shade of Love


  1. i too believe in ur title...n loved ur description...i also feel that way!!

    hope u could follow mine:


  2. I love SRK--and so all his movies are my 'must watch' and I recall all dialogues.
    Great Post Mana!
    It's is friendship
    "agar wo meri dost nahi ban sakti to mai use pyaar kar hi nahi sakta'

  3. Oh my gosh what a beautiful and inspiring post :)

  4. Yes that is so true ,we love our friends ,when a gal pal becumes a bff we refer to her mostly "hey sista" ,same with opp sex ..when the friendship reaches the divine stage that is Love ..A feeling impeccable ..

  5. hayy same pinch..!! even i am confused between love and friendship...:) must tell me whenever u get the oerfect ans..:D
    btw superlike for this post and kuch kuch hota hai is my favourite ovie..;)
    keep writing..:)

  6. @ Pink Pavements: Thank you dear :)
    @ Z: M a die hard fan of SRK too, thanks :)
    @Optimistic Existentialist: hey Thank you so much
    @aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar: Thanks..
    @Anonymous: yes very true, thank you for visiting
    @mani: i know...hey glad you liked it :)

  7. i think friendship is a first step and love is a second step which may or may not come in life of friends.

  8. i guess comparing these two bonds is senseless, both are unique and beautiful in their own ways... each of us will have different views and experiences...both are essential too

  9. @sm: yeahh thats true, Thank You
    @deeps:absolutely, i was not trying to compare though :)