Thursday, February 14, 2013

I found YOU & YOU found ME

Far apart from each other
I never thought i would cross lanes with you
as they always said true love is hard to find.
I had wrapped all my fantasies to come face to face with the reality
until one fine day, When I found you and YOU found ME

I had several reasons not to love anybody
But, i had only one reason to love you
I knew this when we first met,
When I found you and YOU found ME

My knowledge is not profound enough to define LOVE
All i can say is-
Love is when
I am with YOU and YOU are with ME

Happy Valentines DAy!!!!!!!


  1. Hey,

    I know I have been away but I do read your journal. I will emerge with a new ID. I hope this message finds you well. I have been through a very rough patch in my life and am still going through it.

  2. hey, thank you very much
    i wish and pray that things get better and you find happiness in life
    take care
    have faith :)

  3. in fact there is no reason to love some just happens......

    i logged in to blog world after a long break, hope this year had been good so far to you :)

    best wishes,

  4. thats the beauty of love
    each one can different view of love

  5. @Iranuddin: Hey welcome back to the blogger world, hope you doing good too :)

    @Deeps:Yes it is :)

    @Purple: Thanks dear :)
    @aliasgarmukhtiar mukhtiar: Thank you :)