Wednesday, March 20, 2013

And WE Fight....

Days are Longer
Nights are Sleepless
When We Fight

I am unbending
He is Stubborn
When We fight

Laughs are Missing, Hugs are vanished
Talks are Precise, Eyes hardly meet
When We Fight

I prefer Shouting and Screaming
While he is Quiet
'Men are from Mars and Women from Venus'
This is so Right!!!
Yes WE Fight....

Who says Marriage is all about Love and Endearment
One of its major ingredient is Disagreement
Only to feel the immense Love after every fight
We Fight...

I know this will be over
We will resolve things
but one fine day
We will again

PS: FIGHT here refers to trivial arguments, nothing Serious :)


  1. I actually didn't know what to comment on this...
    but then I stumbled on the Label 'BAZINGAaaa'...

    Well, Life is such. And I guess it would be boring if there is so plain and without fights and all. No, I am not saying fights are a healthy sigh in life.

    Anyways, Take Care and Keep writing. :)

  2. Mrs. always right?? bingo!!

    i ensure that hubby dearest realises that after every argument...and then i love to give him that see-i-was-right look!!

  3. Lol. This was preety. I love the little arguments, as when they end, there are hugs, love and apologies.
    I observe my parents, the way they react after a fight. and when they cuddle up, it makes me feel the happiest. :)

    Manashree. You've got a beautiful name. :)
    Take care!

  4. Sometimes little arguments can keep the spark alive in a relationship :)

  5. these small silly fights indicate the essence of love in a relationship, seriously life will be boring without them...;)
    so keep fighting keep smiling..:D
    And yes keep writing..:)

  6. i have read 'Men are from Mars and Women from Venus', many others and i have brought out one myself, but like you said, when there is a glitch the complete chemistry is in disharmony...
    married life is like that :))

  7. So what I used to say is true? We fight and therefore, we are.

  8. @ Ajay: Yeahhhh Life would be really boring without menial fights :)
    @ Little princess: Ohhh ask me, i do it all the time...Haaaaahaa
    @aliasgarmukhtiar: yessss
    @Purple:Heyyy thanks dear :)
    @Mani: yupppp
    @deeps: yahhhh Where there is Love, there are Fights :)
    @ I Heard You: yeahhh absolutely, Welcome to mindblowing Buddy :)

  9. that small fights are the evidence of true love!!
    love that picture...:))

  10. Beautiful! so well composed! However, if there is no fight, love life will be so boring! Honestly, I actually enjoy when he tries to make it up after a fight ;)

    <3 from:

  11. Fights do strengthen the love :-)

  12. Awesome work.Just wanted to drop a comment and say I am new to your blog and really like what I am reading.Thanks for the share