Friday, March 15, 2013

Daily Prayer!!!!

Call it a practice, habit, belief or ritual, I pray daily
I've grown up watching my mother pray twice(morning and evening) a day without fail
she would wake up finish off with her daily chores and ask me to pluck fresh flowers for idols in our temple, my fav part was is.. infact i have three fav parts during a POOJA(prayer)
Apply Tika to every idol, Sing Aarti(devotional song) and eat all the mouthwatering sweets once the prayer is over

I always had my reasons to pray- good grades, just to obey mom, nice job even reckless whining about something or someone,
I would wonder what is the reason behind my mother's prayer,
what does she want in life, what is she complaining about,
I often asked her  and she would say it is not always about material things,
she thanked god for whatever she has and asks for our well being and good health
I never understood this until today's prayer, when i realized that its been months or may be a year that i haven't  asked God for any material thing, no complains whatsoever.
I thank god everyday (unconsciously) for whatever i have, this truly feels Great...
Seems like now i've understood TRUE meaning of DAILY PRAYER!!!!


  1. i sometimes wonder what god must thinking about us...'hamesha kuch na kuch maangte rehte hai yeh bandey!'

    and yes it truly feels great not keep inundating him with requests.....and just spend time thanking him for what he has given us...and i believe that he will surely give us what we deserve, irrespective of whether we ask for it or not!

  2. :) This just goes on to show that you are at peace with your life. May this feeling stay.

  3. My god must have got irritated of me till now since i keep on talking to him, are bhagwan ji ye kya krdia, are aisa krdo, kash ap ye krdete and most imp thank god aisa hua...:D
    keep writing and keep praying...:)

    1. hahhhaaa, I used to be like that few years back...
      thanks :)

  4. i used to begin and end my day with a prayer, but somehow that 'habit' was gone...
    i guess it s good to be praying when there are no reasons for it or for others :)

  5. I believe it is one of the best things to do.
    When I couldn't believe in everything, I started trusting God.
    Eventually I started seeing answers.
    The real essence lies in faith.

  6. @deeps: It is the best thing to do actually
    @Optimistic Existentialist: I'm glad you liked it, thanks :)
    @The Purple Assassin:only place where you'll get all the answers....