Saturday, January 5, 2013

Home ALONE :) :)

 6th day of 2013 is almost here
 And past 5days were spend wishing every single person Happy 2013, making resolution, setting goals
Hmmmm so now its time to actually get on with Life
In the mean time M had to go out of town for a conference,
I had to stay back, this is probably first time (post marriage) that I'm all alone
I reminiscence those days when i would look forward to occasions like this,  i mean it was like a golden opportunity to be alone at Home.
My Mother being a Home-Maker has always been watchful,  Me and my sister were rarely left alone

I remember doing all the crazy things,
wearing my mother's sarees
dancing to all raunchy item numbers/songs doing all those obscene movements
ahem ahem you know what i'm talking about right
barge into the refrigerator to have all those ice-cream and chocolates
spending hours and hours in front of mirror-Really
call all the friends over and have night-long girl talks.

Now a days my favorite to-do thing is to  have all kinda stuff like a remote, phone, eatables,
books, water, coffee-cup in a reachable distance so you just don't have to get up what-so-ever
I have not even bothered to open the drapes heeeeeee

Well i did a little crazy-dance yesterday for a moment i felt as if i was too old for it...
but then i realized you are never too old to do a little crazy-dance, especially when you are all alone it brings out that insanity in you... :P

I'll resume to my normal sane routine Tomorrow
till then Happy Craziness to Me!!!!!!


  1. Haha. You sound like a little kid left to do anything and everything she wants in a mela Really. :D

    Happy home alone time.

  2. actually it helps to be a little crazy sometimes and be what u want to what u want to do! so have fun!

  3. that sounds like a real happy new year ahead :)

  4. lol
    is same with everyone
    enjoyed reading
    have a great time
    Happy New year

  5. @TS: yeahh i try and preserve the kid inside me

    @LP: yesss it helps a lot

    @Deeps: hmmm hope so

    @sm: Thank you... Happy New Year!!!!!

  6. I Love being alone at home too. Even when I have nothing to do.
    Being a kid once in a while should be mandatory.

    ✗ℴ ♡

    +To Me It Matters+

  7. the kid in one is never too old to come out!
    The more often it does, the more happier a person is :)

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    Yours. Have a nice day.
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  9. Like the post! New reader here! *Hello*

  10. Thank you Z, Glad you liked it :)
    Welcome to mindBLOWING!!!!